I just had to come on here and tell you about something that happened to me earlier today: my most memorable Salvia trip by quite some distance. If you’ve never tried Salvia before then hang around and read what I’ve got to say: it might just pique your interest enough to finally get you to try some Sally D. If I make just one person interested in Salvia by writing up this ‘report’ then my work here is done; hopefully there will be far more than just one person interested, though!

Let me set the scene: I was on my own in this big old house. I was a little bored. My mind flitted from one thing to another until it finally remembered that bit of Salvia Divinorum that I had tucked away upstairs for a ‘rainy day’ such as this. What a great idea! I got it out, along with a pipe to smoke it, and lit up.

I want to pause here to let you know that I do not condone smoking Salvia — or doing any other drug for that matter — on your own. You should really always have a spotter. I’m not proud of going it alone, but hey. It worked out alright in the end!

Just as a further aside I would like to point out a few hard facts. Firstly, Salvia is a legal drug in the state that I reside and in the state that I purchase it from. I always make sure that I am never ever carrying Salvia when I travel out of State, especially if I’m not 100% sure of the laws of that state. I would never ever carry anything even remotely contentious onto a plane — it’s just not worth it.

Secondly I am not condoning the use of hard drugs, soft drugs or any type of drug. My use of Salvia does not bother anyone and I do not force anyone to take part. What I am doing is entirely within the limits of the law.

There… that’s my stall set out!

So you want to read about my most memorable Salvia trip? You’d better watch out for instalment 2!

See you later!