It is a well known fact that mixing drugs of any kind can produce psychedelic effects on the user. It should be noted that this is in no way advised: there is just too much in the way of unknowns for those that try it.

One of the milder combinations is Salvia with used alcohol. Reports tell us that the alcohol can slightly enhance (meaning make more vivid, not necessarily make better) the effects of the Salvia. Others tell us that there was little or no difference the to the Salvia trip. Of course it goes without saying that the effect – or lack thereof – of the alcohol upon the Salvia trip will probably be effected greatly by the amount of alcohol and Salvia you’re using, and over what period of time the combination is used.

One combination that is definitely not recommended is Salvia Divinorum used in combination with LSD (acid). These are both very potent hallucinogenics and are both really quite unpredictable, even as far as drugs go. In combination the two drugs could really mess you up. This is most definitely not recommended.

There are many forums on the web that discuss the practicalities of combining Salvia with other drugs (and other drugs with other drugs, for that matter). In almost all cases it is not encouraged. If the experimentation is absolutely necessary then, as always, there should be a sober person present and the experiment should be done in a safe environment.

Whilst it is the case that there are no known side effects that come with using Salvia as an hallucinogenic, there are oft quoted side effects of using almost all other drugs, and pretty much all illegal drugs. Any danger that may come with combining drugs – without unknown consequences – are only intensified by the latent danger present in these other drugs.

Just don’t risk your health: it’s simply not worth it!