Salvia Divinorum is a rare herb which produces psychoactive effects. Being a legal herb, the drug is quiet popular among the young generation. Teenagers tend to mix Salvia with other drugs unaware of the effects it can produce. But a lot of caution should be taken while mixing Salvia with other drugs as the interaction may produce extremely negative effects.Many users propose that Salvia did not produce any side effects when they mixed it with other drugs. However, it has been found that if Salvia is combined with some specific drugs, it may not be safe. There have been some cases when people mixed Salvia with another drug and the combination reacted in a negative way. Though, doctors are not sure that the reaction was due to the consumed mixture. Therefore, even though the drug doesn’t produce negative effects if it’s combined with some drugs but it doesn’t guarantee that it won’t produce any side effect if combined with any drug.
In case, someone decides to experiment on his own by mixing Salvia with any other drug, one should be exceptionally alert. One should make sure to start with a very small dose so that to guard him from the risk of any side effect if produced. If the mixture doesn’t produce any side effects, one may try increasing the dose slowly. One should also take care that such experiments should only be attempted under the presence of a supervisor. The supervisor could be a great help if any problem arises during the process of mixing Salvia with another drug.