Salvia is currently legal in most US States. Some — a minority — have decided to either outlaw it or restrict its sale and use. Massachusetts is set to become the next state to create restrictions on the perfectly harmless drug. The House have given approval to a proposal that will mark Salvia as a class C controlled drug, thus making its use illegal in the State.

Proponents of the ban on Salvia Divinorum — otherwise known as Diviner’s Sage, Sally D and the Sage of the Seers — tell us that Salvia is a dangerous mind-altering drug that create dangerous hallucinations and causes disorders in users’ perceptions. As far as I am aware there is absolutely no medical or scientific evidence to back up these outrageous claims. Supporters of the proposal to ban Salvia go on to use the same old, tired arguments: that its use is being glamorised on YouTube and that its use amongst teens is increasing dramatically.

Naturally there are those who do not support the ban. These people — arguably more interested in the facts of the matter than in silly spin and posturing — point out that there is no evidence to show that Salvia is dangerous in any way; there is nowhere in the world apart from Australia that has banned Salvia, and that it has been in use for hundreds of years without causing any problems or alarms. These compelling arguments are seemingly ignored every time they are brought up.

Whether the bill will pass or not is unclear, and as always with these things, only time will tell. In all likelihood, though, Massachusetts will be the next, but certainly not the last, state to make Salvia a victim of the politics of the land. Surely a Federal, country-wide ban is only a few years away, at most. Once that happens we can expect some other innocent pastimes to become the victim of the lawmaking machine.