The long-threatened house bill HB 4434 banning the use of Salvia in Massachusetts has passed the House of Representatives. It now heads over to the state Senate where another pass is likely. We reported last week that the bill was about to pass, and we were right. The relevant part of the bill reads:

SECTION 2. Subsection (e) of Class C of Section 31 of Chapter 94C of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2006 Official Edition, shall be amended by inserting the following items:

(16) Salvia Divinorum

(17) Salvinorin A

(18) Catha Edulis

Salvinorin A is the active hallucinogenic ingredient in Salvia Divinorum. Catha Edulis — Khat — is an amphetamine-like drug originating in East Africa and the Arabian peninsula.

At the same time as this news was hitting the wires, we heard that lawmakers and politicians in South Dakota are considering banning Salvia. Their North Dakotan cousins banned the drug in 2007 and the first arrest for possession of Salvia came in this state: a 47-year old North Dakota man was the first person in the country to be arrested for possessing Salvia. Naughty. Apparently the fact that one person has been found by police to possess the drug in South Dakota has put Salvia ‘on the radar’ as far as South Dakota officials are concerned. Passing new laws relating to Salvia would be easy as Gene Abdallah, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says that if law enforcement asks for him to introduce legislation then he would be happy to do so.

Over half the US states have now taken a look at the drug with a view to banning or restricting its use as an hallucinogenic aid. At least nine states have actually taken the crucial step of banning it. I have said it before and I will say it again: if you’ve never tried Salvia then you may be running out of time. Give it a go now, if you are interested!