No matter which venture you join up with or which business opportunity you decide to take advantage of, one fact always remains constant: successful home businesses require hard work. It also requires commitment, persistence, passion, and a little bit of luck. Many of these latter requirements fall out of hard work, though (“The harder I work, the luckier I get”), and if you are able to work on your business you will have solved 80% of your problems before you begin.

So it is with direct marketing businesses like those offered by Liberty League International; unfortunately many people seem to be of the opinion that opportunities like these are somehow ‘easier’ than those offered by traditional businesses. This is not true. It is these people that have populated a good proportion of the Internet with bad stories about Liberty League International (indeed if searching the Internet one would easily come to believe it is a scam). Of course many of the detractors are also competitors.

It is the new generation of direct sales ventures like LifePath Unlimited that are able to benefit from the success and the failures of Liberty League International. LifePath Unlimited has a very good set of products that, in themselves, are worth all the money that is paid for them.