I am a kind person and one that really does enjoy the thought of someone benefiting from something that I have done. I heard the news that research into the effects of Salvia on the human mind is being linked with a potentially useful way to approach the problem of curing Alzheimer’s, and frankly I am over the moon. Obviously I don’t feel any direct responsibility for this change, but I do feel like I have contributed in some way in bringing this wonderful drug to the attention of the politicians and the media.

Salvia, of course, has been around for hundreds of years. The Mazatec Mexicans used it to more easily reach their spiritual side; they chewed the leaves and their trance hit them slowly and for a long time. There was no talk of banning Salvia when this was still the majority of Salvia‘s user base.
Of course now the media have caught hold of some misleading information about Salvia, and the politicians decide that it is time for a ban. Because politicians are hankering for a ban, the media become more interested. It is a vicious circle that will only end when our civil liberties have been taken from us completely.