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While Salvia divinorum is more commonly recognized as an herb, it’s powerful and sometimes dangerous side effects are causing concern for some communities and municipalities. Salvia can be smoked, ingested or inhaled to create intense hallucinogenic episodes and delusional periods.

Because of the potential seriousness of the side effects of an herb that has become readily available in many communities, residents, local government and law enforcement agencies are looking to impose hefty fines and jail time for those who sell and use the herb. Only 12 states currently outlaw Salvia divinorum and others are looking at long legislative processes in order to ban it. It will be much quicker for local municipalities to regulate the herb in their own jurisdictions, rather than wait for the long cumbersome State process. Most officials hope this enforcement will prevent the further creeping in of this potentially insidious herb.

Local law enforcement agencies are however citing potential difficulties with the ban of Salvia. There are several related flora that are otherwise used as ornamental plants. Training would be required for law enforcement officials in order to properly identify the herb. Also, most feel the regulation should include only those who sell and use the herb.