Scientific tests on Salvia Divinorum – Sally D or Magic Mint – the legal and totally natural wonder drug that is gaining popularity across the country, have shown an interesting array of reported effects. A Paper released three years ago took the results from the comments of 500 regular Salvia users who reported effects including:

A warm or hot body, improved concentration, increased sweating, decreased sweating, improved mood and decreased self confidence.

Increased insight and connection with the Universe topped the bill with a massive 47% of people declaring that this was one major effect. Calmness and improved mood also came in in over 40% of the replies. 12% of people had difficulty concentrating resulting from their use of Salvia.

Weird thoughts was, perhaps predictably, high on the list with 36.4% of people claiming that this was a short term effect that they had experienced. One has to think that if these people didn’t get weird thoughts when taking Salvia then they were doing something wrong!

Overall the results show a distinct trend of positive reactions to Salvia, with only a few minor complaints showing the potential negative side to the hallucinogenic drug. This backs up (not so) popular opinion that there is simply nothing dangerous about taking or using Salvia as a drug.

The positive effects felt by Salvia users mirror the beliefs of scientists who want to test the drug to see its effects on mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia. Research in these areas is inconclusive so far but it is a young area of research and scientists and medical researchers are quietly optimistic that their efforts will bear fruit.

They will bear fruit, that is, if the Government doesn’t continue its run to ban Salvia. Over ten states have now banned or restricted the use of Salvia in some way and the future does not look rosy for users or researchers alike.