I Was Just Letting Go and Giving the Salvia Full Control of Me

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I smoked a small pinch of 20X extract, held it in for around 10 seconds, then exhaled. Next I changed positions from sitting on my yoga mat to laying down. I had my eyes open, and I was looking at the ceiling, but somehow I saw what was going on around my middle part of the body. I was going thru some kind of a scanners in a factory that was made out of some blue material. I was the product that the factory was making. After I passed the scanner, some blue being “sliced me” like when you take pizza with that big shovel and put it in oven. I was just letting go and giving the salvia full control of me. Thats where I sat back and the visuals stopped and I talked to salvia because I wanted a full experience with visuals all over my vision. Thats where my experience ended.
N. B.

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