Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back with a cup of coffee or tea, think. It’s not really necessary think about anything in particular sometimes think about nothing is absolutely the best thing to do. Sometimes problems in life, problems with work, and problems with relationships can be solved just with a little thought power.

I discover Salvia in March last year – a friend introduced me to Sally D – and I really took to it. Not only is the actual experience exciting, but it opens my mind completely new thought processes.the thought processes help me to think about things in a completely new way will stop while this doesn’t sound like much, it is a life changing experience.

I was in the middle of the short Salvia trip when I started to consider the fireplace in front of me. This is a fireplace that has been there for years. I had been considering removing it and replacing with a different type of decoration, but I really didn’t know what would look best. I actually was able to visualise, through the Salvia fog, what the wall would look like if I did change it.I was able to make a decision on the structural alterations are complete; for what it’s worth the room looks fabulous.

I’m not a person, and I have not used other types of drugs in the past. Strangely enough I still am a drug person, but I can really appreciate the benefits of Salvia. Does this make me a monster? Does this make me a criminal? Actually, in some states it does.

For me feel me on my mind to new possibilities, new ideas, and new concepts is truly invaluable thing.with Salvia, sitting back in the chair with that nice cup of coffee or tea and thinking about life of the problems become an interesting experience indeed.