Hummingbirds Enjoy Royal Purple Queen and Salvia Plants

One of the newest and most exciting ways to attract hummingbirds to your garden is by placing some of their favorite plants including the Royal Purple Queen and the Salvia in your garden. The Royal Purple Queen has a shrub-like appearance, but in reality is related to the tomato and pepper family of plants. During its prime blooming season in the summer, the Royal Purple Queen takes on a gray, velvety appearance with large deep purple flowers. In many areas, the Royal Purple Queen will die out during the Winter but will return the following Spring to continue attracting hummingbirds. The Royal Purple Queen also requires full sun light and can be planted with other perennial hummingbird favorites like the salvia divinorum.

Experienced gardeners would recommend combining a variety of different hummingbird attracting plants in your garden to assure year round coverage. It is recommended that home gardeners buy salvia which has long yellow flowers and would make a beautiful complement to the deep purple flowers of the Royal Purple Queen. For all hummingbird attracting plants, including salvia, the use of a small amount of fertilizer set for slow release is key. The addition of a good coating of mulch before the winter cold weather will assure that the plants return to their past vibrancy every spring and summer. Feel free to regularly prune the Royal Purple Queen and the salvia and to provide adequate watering to assure gardening success for these stunning plants.