First I had no idea what to expect, I was thinking some killer bud like from Amsterdam. As I held it in, I remember telling my two boys, it taste like leaf from homegrown stashes. Then I began to fall backwards, not sure if I was faking it playing around cause my one boy was waving his hands joking ohhhh we gonna trip.. blah blah..

Then my friend who had the stuff, grabbed me, held me up and said it was cool, I literally felt as if my bones were melting out of my body. I could feel the sticks on my arms, so weird.

Then I stood up and we were in a shed, I walked to the outside, walked back inside and I thought I was getting kicked out of my own freaking head, that the other two guys were some sort of operators of my body and that since I cracked the experience, they were saying, let him go, as I walked outdoors..

When I came back in, there was sawdust on the ground and I looked closely and I thought it was a sea of mini people, chanting my name as I looked closely I actually picked on of them up… then I stood up and then I came back slowly…

Amazing intense experience, Im not into tripping at all, but this experience was nuts.. Very interesting out of the body experience