I just received my shipment of Salvia20x and not only did the order come in much sooner than I thought the product was wonderful!  It had a very fresh and pleasant aroma and the effects were very pleasant.   I lit the fire place, put on some wonderful music for ambiance and I allowed myself to partake in the herb.   My experience was very nice.  It was very mellow and the colors were incredible. A few years ago I legally died and saw a woman I can go describe as my angel and when using the Salvia with my eyes closed I was able to see her once again.   I am buying a stronger dosage for the future but, I recommend this website and this product to anyone who may need a little help with spiritual guidance. I’ve used other websites and not only are they more expensive but, their products are not fresh at all which takes away from the experience.   THANK YOU SO MUCH for the this amazing effect which sadly does not last long but, Salvia Dragon does sell other items that can make the effect last a bit longer.    I will be a repeat customer for as long as possible.  Thanks, customer  H. D

— Thanks HD, emails like this really make it worthwhile, TheDragon.