We all know that Salvia Divinorum has hit a purple patch in terms of the media coverage it has gained recently. Most of the coverage has been most definitely, absolutely, totally and completely bad coverage. There is some silver lining in this cloud of media hate, however, and it comes in the form of news about researches trying to understand the workings of the drug — specifically how it affects the human brain when we hallucinate and go into that magical ‘trip’.

Little is known about the drug — and thanks to the State lawmakers’ continued attempts to ban it across some states and the reported push to make it illegal nationally not much is likely to be known about it soon — and researchers are trying to understand how it might help them stumble upon new medicines for patients with brain diseases orpsychiatric problems.

If researchers can in some way interpret and explain the way in which Salvia‘s active ingredient — Salvorin A — affects the brain then they will be some way toward being able to control the brain just a little better. The body’s most complicated part is simply not well understood by researchers and it is widely acknowledged that any possible further insight into its inner workings can only be a good thing.

Of course the ability to researchers will be severely limited when the planned bans and restrictions come into play. Salvia is already banned or restricted in 13 states, with many more planning to do the same. It cannot be long before a serious push is made towards banning the drug and making it a federal crime. When this happens almost all bets are off.

There is little we can do except wait and hope for the best. It would be a shame if the US government felt the need to ban this wonderful plant just because the media picked it up as their favourite topic.