The next time you are a visitor to the nation’s capital, be sure to stock up on your hallucinogenics! That’s right, a quick trip to 18th street NW in Adams Morgan you will see a sign that reads “Drug Free Zone”. Not to worry, your almost there! BK News Stand, your new headquarters for all things Salvia. Never heard of it? Yea, me neither. Seems that this soft little green leaf is pretty powerful and very legal. Down south in Mexico, the Mazatec Indians have kept this little secret to themselves. Its psychoactive trademark has been used for centuries in the Indian culture to induce a trance like state so powerful, the shaman believed it was the only way they could properly diagnose and treat a patient. Salvia is a very powerful drug that is has a short, but powerful and potent effect on the user. It can be smoked or chewed, though smoking is not powerful a hit as chewing the leaf. Recreational use in the states took root in the early 90s and has stayed underground for the most part. One would assume that a drug such as Salvia (or Salvia Divinorum) would be banned as is it’s evil twin, marijuana. Well, a visit to said newsstand is proof that it is, at least in the District, on the up and up and business is good. Stay tuned, however, this drug has not escaped the attention of every lawmaker in this great nation. There is legislation currently in place elsewhere in the country in states such as the Districts neighbor to the north, Virginia. So, for now if you want to buy Salvia, remember, keep straight just pass the Drug Free Zone!