I am a regular Salvia user and I am thrilled to hear that scientists are really interested in my favourite hallucinogenic drug. I thought that this might mean that the US government and the state politicians would reconsider the many moves that are afoot to ban the substance from use. I was wrong, of course.

But it is still a good thing, and it should help to win Salvia some support from those individual people that have not yet been brainwashed by lawmakers and the media. The brainwashing is really quite an irrational thing and it smells to me a lot like posturing in order win political points. But hey, what do I know, I’m only a long time user.

I support the continued legality of Salvia not just because I enjoy using it; my reasons, thankfully, are slightly more involved than that. Think of it this way: banning something like Salvia that has always been legal – in fact has been totally overlooked by the law until very recently – starts a terrible precedent of the Government willingly taking our civil liberties from us. Where does it end?

The other reason is that those scientists and doctors that I spoke about earlier need the law on their side to be able to complete their research.