First time

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I didn’t know what I was doing at first, and so I started to smoke a little bit of it to try and be minimal. I quickly realized that wasn’t enough for what I had gotten, I ended up searching up how much to smoke in order to use the amount I was intending for. Anyways after smoking about a gram if not a bit more, I started to feel like the right side of my body was heavy, I started to forget my surroundings for a second so I started to drift off, I started to lose track of where I was and slowly started to feel different life’s as it fealt, and the most memorable one was when I fealt like I was a football stadium, I could even feel my stairs and everything 🤣, although in the moment it can seem a little bit scary do to the confusion, if you can keep yourself calm it is unbelievable and unforgettable, definitely not like other drugs like weed or alcohol although the first effects of it did feel like being buzzed. I smoked the leaves which is supposed to be the weaker version it seems. If you aren’t strong willed take this slow, it is a very strong and it will sneak up on you without you knowing.

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