First experience took place at my dads on the side of his house. It was a nice sunny day.

I have had previous experiences with mind altering drugs but I wasn’t expecting anything this good…especially knowing it was legal too.

Tried a couple hits with just salvia leaves and didn’t experience much. After the 3rd hit I could tell there was a slight difference in colors within my surrounding. Everything looked a little more vivid.

Its not until I took the hit of my 10x supply. I used a butane lighter which I read was the way you were suppose to do it. After holding it in for about 25 seconds I blew it out. As I began setting the bong down I could tell my depth perception was off. The grass seemed farther away which made it slightly harder setting the bong down.

After the bong was safely on the ground I leaned back knowing something was off. When I opened my eyes suddenly everything turned into a comic book. The trees and bushes in front of me began opening up. I began feeling a pressure pushing me to the left until I was eventually all the way on the ground. I stayed there for the majority of my trip.

It felt as if I was 4 feet below the surface…gazing up at my dad sitting on the edge looking down at me with his camera. I tried pulling myself up but it was no luck. The gravity sensation was just too strong.

I clearly remembering seeing about 5-6 people standing near my dad watching me. I would later find out this is what salvia users call “watchers.” And they were doing just that. Watching me and slightly mumbling among themselves.

Off and on during the trip I was in tears laughing!

The trip lasted strong for about 5 minutes. Afterwards I started sweating and sat piecefully pondering what just happened.

I will definetly try salvia again. I don’t know if I’m ready for 15x or 20x yet. I can see how potent this stuff can be and how far it can seperate you from this waking reality. The only part I didn’t like was feeling tired afterwards. I mean REALLY TIRED…I slept for a good 4 hours afterwards and felt still slightly drained when I woke up.

has anyone else experienced this tiredness afterwards…any recommendations?

I’ve searched high and low for negative effects on Salvia and I have never read or heard of anyone getting quite as tired as me after their trip.

If you would like to see my 10 minute Salvia video:

Go to

Search: Greenalke1

Click on “first salvia trip 5x”

(When I made the video I thought it was 5x I had…later I would come to realize it was 10x I had for my first trip)