Last year, age 17, I used salvia for the first time. I read up on the effects, no videos. Anyways I bought it myself underage when i was visiting for a family reunion. When everyone went to bed around 11pm me and my cousins headed across the road to the other end of a apple tree orchard where we smoked.
We were sitting in the dirt and I was first to go, I passed the bong away, held in till i needed to breathe. by this time I felt the tingling and when I looked over to my cousins I hallucinated them laughing hysterically right at me. I went out of body, falling forwards and could see myself and my cousins sitting there from 20 feet away… I thought it would never end and this would be it. They were also talking and I began trying to merge two of the words they spoke. To be..tobe..toby… anyways i was unconciously mumbling this and making no sense. right after i NEEDED to go somewhere. told my cousins i had to go and took off running down a lane of apple trees. I couldnt make out the trees much since i was running in the dark tripping balls and the nearly full moon was over head. That image will stay in my head forever…anyways The vison kicked in, i was a farmer boy running to my farm house for dinner. my “mom” was calling me dinner i suppose so I began yelling im coming or something but my cousins told me I was off in the orchard yelling like a retard… i dont remember it or i cant say yes i was yelling…just calling for my mom in the dreamstate. after what felt like an hour of running endlessly down this repeating orchard i began to come back…noticed a branch with an apple sticking out… i veered towards it and the the bounced off of my forhead. yes that was an apple i thought.
once i got to the road and could see the house I thought… what the… holy fuck howd i get over here. I… Im suposed to be back there with my cousins right? so I begin my trek to the back and yelled “you guys there” not knowing if they had left. they replied and i felt a lot better. still coming down i didnt want to talk about how my trip went because i didnt know what happened. the usual come down i supose. they went next but didnt trip as hard. probably got scared from watching me since they’ve only used salvia once before in smaller doses.
Ive tried salvia in lower doses since this and i still get that feeling i need to do something. its very very overwhelming. i must go somewhere. i cant understand it and I cant find any info about it.