The process of extractions of salvinorin A can be quite tricky and dangerous if you are not extremely careful. Some find that it makes no difference if the Salvia leaves are whole, crushed or powdered. The salvinorin A is the coating on the outside of the leaf so it makes the extraction with acetone an easy and simple process.

It has been found that the easiest way to produce pure extractions of salvinorin A is if the leaf is in zero degree F, you want to soak a dried whole uncrushed leaf in acetone for 1 to 3 min and stirring the entire time. Once you hit the 3 minute mark, remove the leaf and in 1 to 2 days time the sediments should fall to the bottom and you can pour it off and then evaporate it.

You need to be sure that during this process you keep the mixture in the dark for the entire time. Light can cause a decrease in the potency of the final product so total darkness is of the utmost importance. Some have tried for extractions of salvinorin A by the use of hot water. This is possible but it requires a lot of boiling in order to get the most of the product off of the leaf.

Keep in mind that extractions of salvinorin A can be harmful to your health and needs to be used in moderation. You would need to ingest a large amount before you would even feel inebriated. The making of extractions of salvinorin A also should be done with some sort of supervision.