Salvia Divinorum is a rare herb which is found is isolated locations of Mexico. It is known to produce psychoactive effects on human body. The effects of Salvia Divinorum can be experienced either by chewing the leaves of the herb or by smoking the extracts. During the process of consumption of the herb, a highly active component of Salvia namely, Salvorin A gets absorbed which produces psychoactive effects.

Salvorin A enters the blood stream through the oral mucosa once the juice of the leaves is taken in the mouth. This process of absorption of juice leads to psychoactive effects. The herb provides better results if it remains in the moth for long time. The results provided by swallowing the herb are not very mesmerizing. If the herb is swallowed directly, without retaining it for a long period, then it reaches the intestine without much contact with the oral mucosa and doesn’t produce desired effects. This happens because Salvorin A gets deactivated before entering the blood stream.

The desired psychoactive results are not produced by the leaves even when consumed in large quantity if it is swallowed directly. But the herb produces amazing effects if it is consumed through chewing, smoking or vaporizing it. According to some researchers, if Salvorin A is consumed through injections even in small doses the results could be extremely active.

Salviorin A is the only legal herb available in the market which produces hallucinogen effects even when taken in a very small quantity. No researcher has yet been able to prove any negative side effect of the herb. And thus, integrating Salvorin A a favorite among many people.