For those of you who do not know, Salvia Divinorum is a plant from the mint family and is generally known for its magical properties. This herb is legal in almost all states of the US and can be bought at head shops and online sites like In this article I will try to describe my experience with this herb.

A year and a bit ago, I was meaning to get in touch with my spiritual side so I tried Salvia which is a psychoactive substance that can produce hallucinations and dream like apparitions. The plant can give you quite a kick unlike no other psychedelic drug available in the market.

I recall the first time I took a hit in a dim lit room by white walling a one foot pipe bong. All that I remember is like a dream, within minutes it seemed as though reality flipped. For a moment it felt as if my soul was above my body and was flying around the room. During that brief moment, I had an epiphany, an enlightened experience, if you will. It was like realizing a missing piece in a puzzle.

Though most of it being vague, the part that I can elucidate is that every experience in life, both the good and bad, can be used to enhance one’s self. I can definitely say that my experience with the ‘Diviner’s Sage’ has deeply changed the way I view life personally.

Having an experience so profound can be scary to some people, but you can manage by holding on to reality. I used Salvia Divinorum many times in the day and was never too stoned or out of control. It is important to note that these effects are short term and fade away in a few minutes.

Know Your Situation:

On a side note, Salvia can bring about a high that can be uncontrollable until it wears off. Always use a sitter, especially if you are using it for the first time. Salvia Divinorum is not known to cause a dependency or death, but it is advisable not to use it while under medication or along with any other potent substance like alcohol etc.

While many people think it should be slapped with a cap for being a drug. Just because it is not used properly by a few people does not mean it’s dangerous. Like most people who know better and have benefitted from this mystic herb, I do not embellish that belief.

Hopefully my experience with Salvia will help some happily productive user on their way to a better spiritual experience. For those of you who want to share their experience, please feel free to vent your tale here.