“Don’t let b*******s grind you down”. A common saying in a society where it is all too common to be ground down by those kind of people. What exactly do I mean by “those kind of people”? Well, in this case and in those kind of people that worked endlessly to deprive US citizens of their rights; their rights to free speech, their rights to free choice, and ultimately their right to choose whether or not to smoke Salvia.

It is easy to be down as a result of these people, their war machine moves inexorably forwards, taking with it state after state as politicians and lawmakers jump on this giant bandwagon. We hoped that a new democratic government would allow us to see a difference in the way Salvia was treated, and more importantly in the way that Salvia users were treated. This has not as yet been the case.

But don’t let them get you down! That’s what they want! Our job is to push back — to give their inexorable war machine some resistance. We can take this action — this action is essentially legalised theft — laying down. We need to tell the politicians what we think; we need to show them that they cannot make these laws without the backing of popular opinion.

So what can you do?

Write letters, hold up banners, set up websites, comment on blogs,… do whatever you can to fight for the good cause. Salvia is not Satan’s drug, it is not a dangerous drug, is not a danger to society in any way. We just need people to start seeing this and not believe the garbage they are fed by the media, by politicians, and ultimately by lawmakers.

We can win. It’s going to be a hard battle, despite logic being on our side, but we can win. Go to it!