I find Salvia exciting, interesting and fascinating. It is also really exciting. I don’t just mean these things from the point of view of someone who uses Salvia on a regular basis (I do, but that’s not really relevant) but someone that is genuinely interested in Salvia, its effects on our minds and bodies, and its potential in the future for assisting scientific discovery.

Salvia has been around for many years and has always been used by the Mazatec Mexican shamans as a way to help them get in touch with their spiritual side (naturally there was no talk of banning Salvia until it became popular with the press over the last couple of years). Despite its apparent longevity, scientists know very little about the drug, the way it effects our brains, or its lasting effects.

There is an interest in Salvia because some scientists and medical researchers believe that its study could provide the keys to a much bigger problem: Alzheimer’s disease.

Banning Salvia is something that is seriously being considered and, in some States, this threat has been carried out. Worryingly, if Federal government continues this trend the idea of using Salvia for the common good will be long gone. And all because of the sad and pathetic attitude of the US Government.