“Come on!,” they waved to me.

“Crumble, crumble, crumble!” is what they said, as they reached out towards me to grab me and pull me into a swirling vortex of energy leading to an alternate reality.

I know this sounds weird, but then again, so is the whole salvia experience.

The space around me closed in to form a tunnel, with only a narrow circular space in front of me revealing the world of our known “reality.” It was sort of like staring out of a tiny porthole and seeing the small remaining vestige of the world we know. I was pulled in, as was everything in my outer reality.

A whole group of green energy beings that looked liked stalks of green vegetation were pulling me out of my body and into the alternate reality. I maintained about a 10% awareness of our known reality, but I was gone for the most part.

I met one of the green beings there who on a previous trip introduced himself as “The Crumbleenth.” The Crumbleenth and his associates maintained a tight grip on me and kept me pulled into the alternate reality. They rhythmically chanted something that sounded like “Crumble! Crumble! Crumble!,” although I didn’t get the sense that they meant “crumble” in the sense that they wished that I would indeed crumble.

As the amount of Salvinorin A in my bloodstream decreased, the small hole in front of me in which I could view a small glimpse of normal reality widened as the effects wore off. The green beings again said “Come on!,” beckoning me to enter the alternate reality, but as the salvia was wore off, their grip inevitably loosened, and I slipped from their grasp and back into normal reality.

I now experienced a very pleasant space in which I was halfway in between this reality and the alternate reality. I enjoyed this state for several minutes. In fact, five more minutes went by as I enjoyed this slow slide back into reality. Neither reality (known or alternate) had a firm grip on me, so I rode a very enjoyable wave of being “between the worlds.”

As I slid back into this reality, I saw The Crumbleenth and the other green beings fade into the background, until they finally disappeared and I was back to this reality.

As the green beings faded away, I continued to hear them beckon to me:

“Come on! Crumble! Crumble! Crumble!”