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The Place To Buy Salvia Online

Salvia First trip

So I started out with the 20x concentrate, at first nothing was happening but then all at once the salvia hit and my vision began to rapidly multiple and trip with green waves washing over me. I remember looking down my hall towards a family member and seeing a million of their heads, upon looking…
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Moved around conveyor belts

Launched to an entirely different world, where I resided on a small hilltop village. A voice singing gibberish that could only be Les Claypool of Primus started playing in my head. Soon I looked to my lamp (which is shaped like a guitar) and saw him grab it and pull it like a lever. This…
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Great Customer services

I had a great customer service! He reached me by text and email to tell me that I had a little problem with my card, which got resolved and he was really quick to reply. Maybe it’s due to international shipping (Canada) that it took some time, I ordered on October 25th and received it…
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First time

I didn’t know what I was doing at first, and so I started to smoke a little bit of it to try and be minimal. I quickly realized that wasn’t enough for what I had gotten, I ended up searching up how much to smoke in order to use the amount I was intending for.…
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I Was Just Letting Go and Giving the Salvia Full Control of Me

I smoked a small pinch of 20X extract, held it in for around 10 seconds, then exhaled. Next I changed positions from sitting on my yoga mat to laying down. I had my eyes open, and I was looking at the ceiling, but somehow I saw what was going on around my middle part of…
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some 40x and it blew me out of this world

I recently got some 40x and it blew me out of this world. I smoked it out of a bubbler pipe and approximately took a little more than half a bowl, I layed down with my back propped up and my girlfriend held the pipe and I hit it and within a few seconds of…
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Going to Other Worlds

I am so glad for Salvia Dragon for existing and the reason for saying that is because they allow you to experience the inner worlds that is within you that is taught to us by the Enochian Scriptures and Dead Sea Scrolls that the powers that be don’t want you to experience. My experience is…
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The frame rate of reality seems to slow down

My body started having the intense sensation of vibrating(but not really vibrating physically I think.) I kept holding my breath until my eyes began to vibrate, then I exhaled. The frame rate of reality seems to slow down a bit. I closed my eyes and saw a diagonal line, 📏 with red on the sides(dotted…
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I hit my 60x and close my eyes

As I put on comfortably numb by pink Floyd ….I hit my 60x and close my eyes,,,,,I could see from inside my head the words to the song was water flowing out of my eye balls. Tracy N.

I’ve felt a direct connection to and understanding of higher reality

I’ve been using Salvia for a year now and my life has improved beyond what words can describe! Ever since my first out-of-body experience with 40x, I’ve felt a direct connection to and understanding of higher reality / God / whatever you’d like to call it. I feel and actualize that connection in my daily…
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