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An Awake Nightmare!

I recently secured a gram of 30x Salvia Divinorum through an online vendor, and having read numerous online accounts of this bizzare legal psychedelic, and for the most part assumed the stories were greatly exagerated, or told by people with limited tripping experience, I wanted to try the strongest I could find.

Wow, was I wrong, Salvia Divinorum is a mind-freak of the HIGHEST order, and should NEVER be taken without extensive research and precaution.

The absolute minimum level of safety has to include a sitter and a soft, if not padded room!

I will attempt to summarize my experience as briefly as I can, but the sure gravity of that experience CANNOT be understated.

Well, having read the online warnings and anecdotes, I was very careful, so I thought, to be in a safe environment, i.e. my couch, with a sober and attentive babysitter at my side.

I packed a glass bowl with maybe 1/4 gram, took about the biggest hit I could without choking, and sat back on the couch, holding it in as long as I could before slowly letting it out.

Within 20-30 seconds the effects became OVERWHELMING, the last thing I said out loud to my sitter was “oh, I can see it…” or something to that effect.

Basically, from one hit, and within half a minute I was FULL blown PEAKING on the most intense trip imaginable.

Unexplainable, indescribable, mind-altering psycho-f—!

My mind/ego no longer existed in 2 of the 4 dimensions, there was no time and no left or right. By no left or right I mean the concept of left as being different from right, or vice-versa was impossible, I felt like I was in 2 dimensions and thinned out to one atom thick. Time did not seem to move forward or back, or exist as a dimension at all. I now existed on a one sided plane without any awarness of being in a body whatsoever, except a slight feeling or being paralyzed physically, though I dont think I actually was.

I became fused within the inanimate world and was no longer a physical entity, only a 2 dimensional consciousness with no body.

I could not see my body and no longer knew where I was.

Most importantly to note is this, I was absolutely TERRIFIED, and later realized that I had never been truly scared until that moment. I was being washed away into oblivion one atom at a time and was crying out to my sitter for help, “Please, save me, no save yourself, get away, it will get you too”.

When I began to come back, my left side felt unbearable hot, and my right side freezing cold. I was pale, shaking, and covered from head to toe in a thick sheen of cold sweat.

Strangely, it lasted ONLY about 4 minutes (240 seconds), and nothing seemed that unusual to my sitter, I just looked really confused and pale, but none of what I thought I was saying was actually out loud, I could not speak or move…total psychological paralysis coupled with absolute fear and loathing in Colorado!

If you ever experiment with this legal sage, be advised, it does not compare in any way shape or form with anything I have ever taken, and I have taken nearly all of them!.

Salvia Divinorum makes LSD seem like beer, and that is not an exaggeration.

In a nutshell, it induced a fully awake nightmare of the most terrifying nature, yet somehow I want more.

Although I did swear NEVER to take Sally again after I came to, one wonders what doors it could open…

The Unreality of Our Reality

There is is no language capable of truly expressing this indescribable experience.

I’ve done some crazy high doses of salvia before in my journeys, but this one left me shaken more than usual.

They say be careful what you ask for; yeah, that would be good advice. I grounded and centered myself. I asked my guides/guardian angels for their assistance in my journey. I asked God/The Universe/Great Spirit, etc. for knowledge, wisdom, and insight into this sojourn on earth. I asked to gain wisdom into how I could best solve my problems. i asked for the veil of illusion to come off.

I sat with my sitter and loaded up a nice plug of extremely fresh standardized 20x. It deserves to be mentioned that I still had a lot of salvia in my bloodstream from my three previous hits (one hit of raw foliage, 5x, and 10x respectively before the 20x). I incinerate the sally with the torch lighter, and in goes a large quantity of smoke.

Thirty seconds later, I blow the smoke out. As the smoke leaves my lungs, it forms a rod of light coming out of my mouth, and forms a pillar like a laser beam. I manage to lie on my back before totally leaving this reality.

The next thing I realize is that I am pulled backward and out of my body. I sink into the ground and become one with it. I feel my spirit face pulled out of my fleshly face, like being pulled out of a mask. I next feel my spirit pulled out of my body like being pulled out of a robe.

My earth body is fused into material reality, which is not reality at all, and it is separated from “me,” rather forcefully I must say. I realize that the reality we know is like a play of lights and shadows. What I knew as tangible and real was nothing more than a flimsy, thin sheet of a reality.

Picture your spirit body wrapped tightly in a giant sheet of plastic, like plastic wrap. It wraps around your entire body from front to back. Behind you is darkness. You are projected into (but not through) this sheet of plastic. The plastic naturally covers your entire face. Your eyes look through this sheet of plastic, and the sheet acts as a kaleidoscope which creates the light and shadow play we experience as this life, sort of like a spiritual lense. The sheet of plastic is our entire reality that experiences this earth. I come to know that the real “me” is a supersoul that is my true reality that resides in the spirit world. The consciousness we experience here on earth is extremely limited, and when we die and give up this body we rejoin our supersoul. It’s almost as if there’s a bigger “us” sitting in the spirit world pulling the strings that allows us to act and create and form our material world and our reality. It’s sort of like we’re temporarily caught in an unreal game which serves as a giant school room for spiritual evolution.

When I came back to earth consciousness, I felt like I was squashed into a prison cell. I felt suffocated in this body.

I had questions answered that I had sought the answers to for a lifetime. I experienced wisdom and perspective that will take me weeks to process and communicate.

Much more took place, too much to mention in this one post. So, I will continue to tell the story in the next post.

Until then, happy journeys.

Experiencing Everything as Consciousness

[I’m still tripping a bit, but here it goes]:

Tonight I may have received an answer to a question I have been pondering for some time. And, this answer seems to mirror all that quantum physics has postulated.

I usually feel a “presence” once I go into my journey, but what is this presence? Is it/are they beings that guide the journey? Is it one guide that guides the experience? Or is it not a being but a mechanical but intelligent process that guides the journey?

Tonight I think I got my answer.

I inhaled the 3rd or so bowl of salvia and held it for 30 seconds. I saw my hands and body smear into waves of energy and merge with my surroundings which were now all light energy as well. My world narrowed around me and engulfed me in a tunnel of swirling energy. Suddenly, I felt the presence.

I experienced everything in the environment come alive and swirl in translucent light energy. All the sounds seemed to be speaking to me. The slightest sound of a human, a bird, etc. seemed to be penetrating deeply into my soul. It all was intelligent in this alternate reality.

My non-solid reality, existing solely of energy, related to me personally. I felt the energy of every visible and sub-atomic particle relating with me.

Then it hit me: I am experiencing the consciousness of all that is in time and space within this system I am dwelling in! There is a latent consciousness in every “solid” object, in sound and music, in light, water, the air, and any matter we may experience. It’s a different consciousness than what we normally experience, but there is a consciousness to even the smallest particle in the universe.

This knowledge hit me hard, and thrilled me greatly. Was I experiencing “a” being(s)? Perhaps. But my feeling of being non-dual existence allowed me to glimpse “behind the curtain” and feel the consciousness of the universe that lies just under the threshold of material consciousness. So, if it was a being, this being came from something even higher, and its constitutional makeup derives from even a higher consciousness, still existing of light and energy.

I Experienced Everything as Consciousness. It was all light, with consciousness inherent in it.

Has anyone here on this board felt anything similar before? I’d love to hear your stories that mirror this.

Take care!


For a real example of this, try listening to some very alive, but relaxing music – with lyrics – while on salvia. Music is a great example of this.You will feel the music exist as consciousness that speaks directly to you. You will realize that music is a “thing,” and has form and consciousness as well as sound. And no matter what you receive, you will receive something from the music.

“Come on! Crumble! Crumble!”

“Come on!,” they waved to me.

“Crumble, crumble, crumble!” is what they said, as they reached out towards me to grab me and pull me into a swirling vortex of energy leading to an alternate reality.

I know this sounds weird, but then again, so is the whole salvia experience.

The space around me closed in to form a tunnel, with only a narrow circular space in front of me revealing the world of our known “reality.” It was sort of like staring out of a tiny porthole and seeing the small remaining vestige of the world we know. I was pulled in, as was everything in my outer reality.

A whole group of green energy beings that looked liked stalks of green vegetation were pulling me out of my body and into the alternate reality. I maintained about a 10% awareness of our known reality, but I was gone for the most part.

I met one of the green beings there who on a previous trip introduced himself as “The Crumbleenth.” The Crumbleenth and his associates maintained a tight grip on me and kept me pulled into the alternate reality. They rhythmically chanted something that sounded like “Crumble! Crumble! Crumble!,” although I didn’t get the sense that they meant “crumble” in the sense that they wished that I would indeed crumble.

As the amount of Salvinorin A in my bloodstream decreased, the small hole in front of me in which I could view a small glimpse of normal reality widened as the effects wore off. The green beings again said “Come on!,” beckoning me to enter the alternate reality, but as the salvia was wore off, their grip inevitably loosened, and I slipped from their grasp and back into normal reality.

I now experienced a very pleasant space in which I was halfway in between this reality and the alternate reality. I enjoyed this state for several minutes. In fact, five more minutes went by as I enjoyed this slow slide back into reality. Neither reality (known or alternate) had a firm grip on me, so I rode a very enjoyable wave of being “between the worlds.”

As I slid back into this reality, I saw The Crumbleenth and the other green beings fade into the background, until they finally disappeared and I was back to this reality.

As the green beings faded away, I continued to hear them beckon to me:

“Come on! Crumble! Crumble! Crumble!”

A New Respect for Salvia

Well, let me preface this by saying I’m a complete Salvia hard head. To even feel this substance, I need to take a good hit or two of 20x, after chewing on some of it’s resin. I’ve often taken up to an eighth of a gram of 50x stuff to no real harm… Which is insane. I’ve been trying to reduce my tolerance to the drug by taking a daily dose of 5x, about 0.2g each time… And, well, I guess it worked really well, as you’ll see here 🙂

Last night, I packed a tight bowl of my most recent 75x extract (Thats 150mg of salvinorin A per gram!) Opened the balcony door, and set up some fans. Prepared the iPod, got the song I liked playing, and lit up. The time was 11:40pm. In one complete breath, I took in the entire bowl of salvia, turned off the lights, and immediately got into bed. Somewhere between the time of getting into bed, and breathing out, I lost it. I forced myself to breathe out the last of the drug, and took a fresh breath, closed my eyes, and drifted into an almost paralyzed state.

I can’t quite describe this phenomena, but on Salvia, I often go to one of two places. My mood (or desires) seem to correspond with whichever place I end up. When I’m happy, I get lost in the physical manifestation of my music, rooms with walls of bright colour, or intertwining plants, all moving towards a common goal. Lyrics can take forever to complete, and they’re almost always visualized as circles enclosing on themselves, book pages turning or hours of conversation with many different people. When I’m upset or seeking advice, I get lost in an incredibly dark place, not dissimilar to a room with the lights off. A single entity or object accompanies myself in this room, to which I converse with, analyze, observe, manipulate or take back with me to reality. But, never have I experienced what was in store for me this night…

I honestly can’t think of words strong enough to describe what I was feeling by this point. For this, I’m sorry. It was probably thirty seconds after exhaling, and my grip on reality was fleeing fast. Every single syllable in the song I was listening to lasted a life-time. Single words took hours, if not DAYS to complete. I couldn’t look around the room I was in, because at this point, I was the room, and I hadn’t fully come into existence yet. You see, my two dimensional self was drawn, frame by frame, during each hour-long syllable of my music. Almost like watching a world come to life, in freeze frame photography. I was forming a circle, yet the room was square. Upon the completion of this geometrical violation, I drifted further into my trance.

With each passing moment taking months to complete, I felt more than human. I was literally above the constraints of space and time. An immediate sense of immortality came to me as I realized I was re-living or re-creating hundreds, if not thousands of full conversations, with hundreds of different people, every second. Real, imaginary, or shadow individuals without a definite ego were all communicating with me at the same time. And, somehow, I was able keep up with it all. I wasn’t a defined being through this, but a two dimensional plane of multiple points. It would seem that each section of myself was operating autonomously to keep up with the conversational demand. It was tiring. By this point, I had aged considerably. It seems my mind was conserving the principles of time after-all, as each conversation took it’s toll in me, as it would in real-life. I can’t describe what happened next, but I understood that my life had come to an end. I existed outside my body, no longer bound to life, death or existence whatsoever. I existed in a dark room, not dissimilar to the one described earlier. I was accompanied by a hexagonal structure: small, about palmsized. No lights, sound (not even my music could be heard at this point) feeling or taste was present. I would say, that this point in my experience was… Well, incredibly frightening

This sense of nothingness almost never came to an end. It felt like years before I regained my consciousness. When I finally did, my iPod had finished playing (I was listening to a three hour long goa trance mix). The time was roughly 2:45. I “awoke” took my earphones out, and went to bed. The next morning, upon pondering over the immense feeling of nothing, I decided I had probably fallen asleep. It turns out that the hexagonal shape was a bastardized version of the molecular schematic for Salvinorin A.

Uses of Salvia

Uses of Salvia

There are many different methods of using salvia which I am outlining below. I am not recommending any particular method for anyone. This is just a list of existing ways of salvia intake. One should do proper study and experiments before sticking to any intake method for healing purposes.

Administration of Salvia:

  1. Smoke
  2. Infusion
  3. Chewing
  4. Vaporization
  5. Swallow
  6. Sublingual


The most common method of salvia use is smoke. This is one of the recommended mode of taking salvia. But smoking over dosages can cause various kinds of side effects to individuals. The best procedure is to start smoking in small dosages. This way you will know your physical tolerance of salvia. If you follow this process then smoking gives the best healing effect. Smoking of salvia is only for healing purposes and not solely for smoking purposes.


In infusion, juices are extracted by rubbing the leaves together. This juice is then taken by mixing with water. However, this is not a recommended method of taking salvia since water dilutes the juice and lowers it’s strength.


In this method, leaves are rolled together and chewed. This is a good method of taking salvia but swallowing sometimes induces nausea. The main advantage is chewing is that the juice is directly absorbed by the blood stream and therefore the effect lasts longer then any other methods of intake.


Taking salvia in a vaporized form is to make things simple for lungs. It should be taken in small dosages like in smoking.

Apart from traditional Mazatec drink, this is a less effective way of taking salvia.


There are a few more effective oral intake method like tinctures/elixirs, soft extracts, and hard extracts. After intake, it starts showing it’s effects after 10-20 minutes. The quickly reaches the toppest level of effect and lasts from around 30 minutes to 2 hours. The whole process can last as long as 3 hours.

How to Buy Salvia Divinorium

Salvia Divinorum is an extremely powerful psychoactive herb. The demand graph of this herb has always been rising up but what people are not aware of is how to purchase Salvia Divinorum. When the question arises, how to purchase Salvia Divinorum, they generally get confused. The answer to this question is the best method is by obtaining proper knowledge. One should be aware about the legalities involved in purchasing of Salvia as it is considered illegal in certain countries. Moreover, how the herb is going to be used is another important factor to be considered before Salvia is bought. It is generally used for smoking, swallowing &chewing and vaporizing. So how to purchase Salvia Divinorum majorly depends on how it is going to be used. Keeping in mind the above mentioned factors, one should choose the right Salvia seller. It is very important to do proper research and compare different sellers. One should consider company’s reputation, history, delivery speed and customer service. One should also check the extraction process of Salvia as standard process of Salvia extraction is quiet expensive as no chemicals are used in this case. If the process of extraction is not consistent and crude, then the final product may contain containments like waxes, oils and tar. Besides, crude extractions often include different types of solvents which stay in the final product and harm the health. Therefore, it is very important to examine the extraction process while purchasing Salvia Divinorum. Thereby, if someone follows the suggestions mentioned here, then it would be easier for him to purchase Salvia Divinorum.

The Healing Power of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia has approximately 1000 species all over the world but Salvia Divinorum is considered the best vision including species. According to some scientists Salvia Divinorum has healing powers. Many research studies states that healing powers of Salvia Divinorum is very astonishing as it can help in curing a number of diseases.

The healing power of Salvia Divinorum is tremendous as it can be safely used under medical supervision. According to various medical researches, Salvia can be used to cure alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, depression, insomnia, stress, AIDS, digestion, cancer, chronic pain etc.

According to Thomas Prisinzano (University of Iowa) who is an assistant Professor of medicinal & natural products chemistry, healing power of Salvia Divinorum could be used to free a person from the addiction of cocaine. The reports states that “You can give a rat free access to cocaine, give them free access to Salvinorin A, and they stop taking cocaine.” Professor Bryan L Roth who is the Director at National Institute on Mental Health’s Psychoactive Drug Screening Program, supported Thomas Prisinzano and said, “We think that drugs derived from the active ingredient could be useful for a range of diseases: Alzheimer’s, depression, schizophrenia, chronic pain and even AIDS or HIV.”

Healing powers of Salvia Divinorum could also be measured by its traditional usage by Mazatech Indians who used it for providing relief from rheumatism, anemia and headache. The future of this herb seems to be very promising in the field of medicine. So if this herb won’t be classed as Schedule A type drug then the healing powers of Salvia Divinorum could create many medical histories.

Side Effects of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is a perennial herb from Mexico which belongs to the labiate (mint) family. People consume the herb as they are unaware of the side effects of Salvia Divinorum. It is generally consumed for smoking or chewing. The side effect of Salvia Divinorum largely depends on the size of the dose.

Increased insight, better mood and greater empathy along with boosted self confidence are some of the side effects of Salvia Divinorum. It also alters behavior and perception. This can be dangerous as times as the person may injure himself or others by running over things around him. According to the users of Salvia, they experience a pleasant mood followed by weird thoughts. These effects are generally short term in nature.

Some scientists claim that the long term side effects are Salvia Divinorum are quiet harmful for a human body and mind. According to reports and study by William A. Carlezon et al using ‘Forced-Swim tests’, the herb may have ‘Depressive like effects’. According to another research, if Salvia is used for a long frame of time then the herb may have strong physiological effects. However, the herb – Salvia Divinorum has very low potential as an addictive drug.

It is said that there are some short term side effects of Salvia Divinorum on a human body but there is no evidence of long term side effects. The research on this subject has been very limited and thereby the knowledge about the side effects of Salvia Divinorum is also very minimal.

Salvia Extracts An Overview

Salvia Divinorum is a unique ethnobotanical herb with powerful psychoactive properties. Generally, Salvia extracts is consumed for smoking and chewing. Salavia extracts comes with many benefits and some mild side effects.

Salvia extracts has been used for many years by Mazatec Indians for medical as well as entertainment purpose. It is believed that the herb successfully helped in proving mental joy to people. Medically, it also helped in curing headache, anemia and rheumatism. Though it has been used by the eastern world for many years but it is a new concept for western world. Salvia extracts has gained popularity recently because of the increased vision induced experiences.

Salvia extracts induce many physical and mental experiences. On may experience better mood, greater empathy, high self confidence and increased insight. One may also feel like travelling back and forward in time or feel weightless with a wish to fly in the sky. Users have also given feedback of meeting divine and feeling of oneness.

The herb is generally grown organically without the use of any pesticides and harmful chemicals or nicotine. The standard process of extraction is quiet expensive but provides a premium quality of Salvia extract.

Salvia is the only vision inducing legal herd available in the market. The demand of Salvia extracts has been growing lately because of its effects. This herb is neither addictive nor very harmful for the human body; therefore most of the countries have also legalized the used of the herb except than Australia.