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The Plain Truth About Salvia

The Plain Truth About Salvia: What more you should know

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You can, in fact, eliminate drug addiction with Salvia and here are its other medical benefits.



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Salvia divinorum (also known as sage of the diviners, aka mara pastora, seer’s sage, yerba de la pastora and just salvia) is a psychoactive plant which can induce visions and other spiritual experiences. Its native habitat is in cloud forest in the isolated Sierra Mazateca of Oaxaca, Mexico, where it grows in shady and moist locations.



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Salvia Dragon 100X extracts are for extreme Salvia users. At this dose, experience may be classified as extreme. We suggest starting out with smaller quantity or use some leaf as a filler. Gradually increase to achieve desired effects.



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Salvia Dragon 10x is a Salvia Divinorum extract which also includes 10% of “The Dream Herb” or “The Leaf of God” (Calea zacatechichi). For those of you who are new to Salvia, this is the perfect entry point.

This classic spiritual plant is still surging in popularity today. People all over the world are beginning to understand that they can induce spiritual phenomena at their leisure.

Salvia Dragon 10x users report experiences such as:

* Leaving Their Body & Traveling in The Astral World
* Lucid Out of Body Experiences
* Traveling Back or Forward in Time
* Feeling Weightless and Flying Over the Astral Landscape
* Seeing or Feeling Through Another Beings Perspective
* Finding Hidden Answers and Secret Knowledge
* Meeting Entities And Other Non-Physical Beings
* A Feeling of Oneness and Peace With The Universe


Magic Mint: Enter the Wild, Wild World of Salvia Divinorum

Get Tasty Waves and Feel the Cool Buzz of Salvia Divinorum!

I’m far from certain that there are some things in life that can’t currently be explained. But finding out alternate states of consciousness just might prove to be valuable in allowing one to see what we call reality through different filters.

A filter is the way information is perceived by the brain and it is possible that we can perceive things that we would not be able to in a normal state. For finding spirituality and altered states of consciousness, one name that springs to mind is that of Salvia Divinorum.

Salvia Divinorum comes from the wilds of Mexico and is one of those rare herbs that have been known by faith healers and shamans since ancient times for its mystical power. In recent times, Salvia has grown in popularity and is easily available online to those who are seekers. Recently, I ordered the 10x of Bali Diesel from www.salviadragon.com and the trip I got from it so was amazing that I am still using it.

The vibe that I get from Bali Diesel isn’t so much a heady feeling; instead it’s more like an encompassing hug. It’s almost like I’ve slipped into my own dimension, where I can see different entities that I can only describe as incomprehensible.

My latest trip was so intense that it had me asking my cereal if it would like more milk. The intense, vivid experience was over in about twenty minutes and I felt great after it. No, I wasn’t in hell but I did have the most intense spiritual experience of my life and was happy as hell about it.

That being said, Salvia is by no means a party drug. It does however induce visions and states of consciousness that are serious and deep. My understanding of Salvia Divinorum is that it alters the brain which causes a person to function differently. In other words, a person experiences consciousness differently.

Up in Smoke:

While finding the best place online where I could roll this masterpiece, there was just one tiny problem. As soon as I punched the words in the search bar, all I got was a tsunami of names of about a gazillion websites that I had never heard of in my entire life, all dealing in the “best” Salvia you can possibly get online.

I did however come across www.salviadragon.com, which had by far the best online presence when it comes to high quality Salvia products.

Bottom Line:

The trip is cool, and everybody should try it at least once. As for me, my experiences with Salvia Divinorum were amazing and I certainly have no regrets. I would say that Salvia is by far the best hallucinogen to explore your subconscious mind and get closer to spirituality, provided you get it from the right place. The Salvia trip doesn’t really spark a drastic change in one’s approach to life but its intense short-lived trips still scar me with their beauty.

If you would like to share your Salvia experience with us, please feel free to do so.

Ditch the Dojo: Take the Salvia Sabbatical

Salvia is commonly used for recreational purposes. The herb causes a brief but intense experience that usually lasts for a few minutes. Because of the spiritual nature of this plant the native Mazatecs of Mexico referred to it as the Diviner’s Sage and used it in their religious ceremonies.

The sacred herb is not habit forming, it is not even addictive, which is one of the main reasons why buying Salvia online and using it is not considered a big deal.

How Does Salvia Work?

Salvia Divinorum is a rare plant of the mint family which gives a certain high that induces a spiritual trip instantly when the leaves are chewed or the substance is inhaled by a person. The leaves, though being potent, are destroyed completely by the digestive juices once it enters the digestive system, leaving its effects to last only for a few minutes.

Where Can You Get Them?

Since this ancient herb is fairly legal and can be bought openly, it is widely used for recreation and to enhance spirituality. The herb is available in smoke shops and can be purchased either by the Salvia dealers or you can buy Salvia online through stores like www.salviadragon.com that deal in the herb in its concentrated form. Being utterly harmless, the Salvia herb is also used in cigarettes and for burning incense.


The appropriate dosage of this herb ultimately depends on the age, medical health and the body’s resistance to the herb. Be sure to follow the directions on the product label before use.

Therapeutic Properties:

Salvia Divinorum is commonly referred to as the ‘Diviner’s Sage’. This herb has been used for centuries in traditional rituals and religious ceremonies. Salvia is widely known for its healing powers and has been used by native Indians for curing common ailments like colds, sore throats and anemia.

The herb is also taken by mouth as a tonic to cure joint pain and digestive disorders like stomach bloating. It is used to treat functions of the urinary system. It is also used to regulate bowel movements and some other conditions.

Possible Side-effects:

There are no known major side-effects caused by using Salvia Divinorum. It has never killed anyone or caused a person to over-dose. It can, however, cause some minor side-effects.

It should also be mentioned that special precautions should be taken by those who are pregnant or under strong medication. Women should avoid its usage while breast-feeding to be on the safe side.

The purpose of this thread was to provide some info on this sacred herb, on what needs to be known and to know what is not to be known. Please feel free to share your experiences.

Dosed: The Guide to Understanding and Handling Salvia

For those of you who do not know, Salvia Divinorum is a plant from the mint family and is generally known for its magical properties. This herb is legal in almost all states of the US and can be bought at head shops and online sites like www.salviadragon.com. In this article I will try to describe my experience with this herb.

A year and a bit ago, I was meaning to get in touch with my spiritual side so I tried Salvia which is a psychoactive substance that can produce hallucinations and dream like apparitions. The plant can give you quite a kick unlike no other psychedelic drug available in the market.

I recall the first time I took a hit in a dim lit room by white walling a one foot pipe bong. All that I remember is like a dream, within minutes it seemed as though reality flipped. For a moment it felt as if my soul was above my body and was flying around the room. During that brief moment, I had an epiphany, an enlightened experience, if you will. It was like realizing a missing piece in a puzzle.

Though most of it being vague, the part that I can elucidate is that every experience in life, both the good and bad, can be used to enhance one’s self. I can definitely say that my experience with the ‘Diviner’s Sage’ has deeply changed the way I view life personally.

Having an experience so profound can be scary to some people, but you can manage by holding on to reality. I used Salvia Divinorum many times in the day and was never too stoned or out of control. It is important to note that these effects are short term and fade away in a few minutes.

Know Your Situation:

On a side note, Salvia can bring about a high that can be uncontrollable until it wears off. Always use a sitter, especially if you are using it for the first time. Salvia Divinorum is not known to cause a dependency or death, but it is advisable not to use it while under medication or along with any other potent substance like alcohol etc.

While many people think it should be slapped with a cap for being a drug. Just because it is not used properly by a few people does not mean it’s dangerous. Like most people who know better and have benefitted from this mystic herb, I do not embellish that belief.

Hopefully my experience with Salvia will help some happily productive user on their way to a better spiritual experience. For those of you who want to share their experience, please feel free to vent your tale here.

Five Facts about the Sacred Salvia Divinorum

The misleading notion spread about Salvia Divinorum being a hallucinogen is absolutely false and has no authenticity in it. In fact, the plant of Salvia that belongs to the family of mint is considered a sacred plant. People consume it in variable quantities to feel the trance that the plant is famous for. Once the trancelike feeling vanishes away, the person does not feel dizzy. Instead, people have felt happy and rejuvenated. This is perhaps why the plant is sacred.

In this article, we will discuss the five facts about the potent and sacred plant of Salvia Divinorum.

What is Salvia Divinorum?

The herbal plant Salvia Divinorum is also called the Diviner’s Sage. It is an herbal plant that grows in Mexico and in South and Central America. The color of the plant is green and has oval-shaped, broad leaves. The Shamans in Mexico have traditionally used the leaves in conducting their religious rituals, according to historians.

How Is It  Consumed?

In fact, there are a variety of ways to consume Salvia Divinorum. The conventional method of consuming Salvia Divinorum is to either chew the leaves or drink their juice. People also have consumed it in the form of juice from the leaves. Today, people use other methods to consume the leaves, such as smoking dried leaves in a pipe. However, some people also consume the herb following the traditional way.

What Effects Does It Have?

The plant gives a trancelike effect to the mind of the person who consumes it, regardless of the form that they consume it in. The only difference in the strength of trace arises due to the variance in quantity consumed. People have reported that after the effects end, they feel rejuvenated and better than before. Mostly, it is consumed to wither away the feelings of anxiety, depression and exhaustion.

Who Are The Consumers Of Salvia Divinorum?

The use of this herb has increased among teenagers and adults. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 2009, around 5.7% of high school seniors had used the herb. However, other than high school seniors, the herb is also popularly used by old age and middle-aged people who want to have meditational experiences to ward off their worries.

What are the Dangers of the Herb?

Apparently, there are no dangers related to the consumption of the herb. Also, there are no potential dangers pointed out by the scientific research.

Is Salvia Legal?

Salvia is a wellknown herb that is widely used all over the world for different reasons. Some people use it to unwind after spending long tiring days at work, whereas other people consume only to undergo the spiritual and meditational experiences. Salvia is not an abusive drug at all and does not contain any harmful content that would cause damage to the health. However, the herb is mainly used to provide an ecstatic experience to the mind to drain out stress and revitalize senses.

Is salvia legal or not? This is a question that pops up in the minds of many people who want to use salvia, but are hesitant considering any legal implications allied to carrying or using it. Although, the government and the municipalities have cleared their stances on this issue by permitting to use the herb, some people still have concerns over it.

Salvia Divinorum is a species of Sage which is in fact used for dressing turkeys for Thanksgiving. There are two different kinds of Sage used, both of which are safe in terms of its content. For people who want to know that is salvia legal can learn from the below mentioned description that it contains no harm for the human health.

1. Salvia Officinalis (Common Sage)

This kind of Sage is an excellent source of treatment medically. On the other hand, gastronomically, it is also widely used in turkey dressing for thanksgiving and stuffing other food. It is a great remedy to help bring down fever and get rid of sore throats, tonsillitis and laryngitis by way of gargling. Widely known as a tonic herb, people even today use it as bread spreads in many areas of Italy. They believe that is a source of preserving health besides being a delicious food choice. Sage is also used to manufacture toothpastes and natural mouthwashes since it is antibacterial in nature.

2. Salvia Sclarea (Clary Sage)

This type of Sage has a wonderful odor which is quite similar to that of lavender. There was a time when an infusion of Clary Sage seeds was widely used to clear eyesight, mostly eye infections. The infusion helps cure digestive problems. The essential oil of this herb is also used to cure people who experience nervous tension.

All kinds of sages contain a content called Thujone. Large quantities of Thujone can be dangerous for life which is why any kind of Sage should not be used in combination with any other edibles that contain high amounts of Thujone.

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I have been an obsessive Marijuana abuser for countless years.  As my addiction proceeded in to uncontrollable depths, I soon was faced with the possibility of jail time and/or death with such high doses of Cocaine and MDMA use; slowly but surely progressing in to Heroine abuse.
I have been using Salvia as a ‘Spiritual Growth’ drug but can’t really classify Salvia nor Marijuana as a drug.
Four years; I’ve used many different types and sources for my Salvia experimintation, and have never been more satisfied than with SalviaDragon.com.
To keep it plain and simple, SalviaDragon.com is the superior when it comes to Salvia.
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I tried your product out of mere curiosity.  I approached your website expecting dissapointment until i came across what is now as ‘Extract’….
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My name is Lin Pyo of F-Town, NY and I am a proud customer of SalviaDragon.com