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The Plain Truth About Salvia

The Plain Truth About Salvia: What more you should know

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You can, in fact, eliminate drug addiction with Salvia and here are its other medical benefits.



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Salvia Divinorum: It’s Legal For A Reason, So What’s All The Fuss About?

Why Sensible Limits and Self-Control Matter!

I’ve heard a lot about Salvia Divinorum and its uses. Though the medical benefits of Salvia have not been properly documented, it sure has its spiritual benefits. I have noticed that Salvia has been getting a slap on the face by some people recently because of it being used irresponsibly by uninformed youngsters. There is a need for people to know the truth, and this article is going to try and enlighten them.

While I was surfing the internet for Salvia, I came across some very good websites, like www.salviadragon.com. I also came across the question: should Salvia be legal? So I (being my curious self) took a quick glance at all the nay-sayers who thought the use of Salvia should be illegal. Most of the people sounded like they didn’t know anything about Salvia other than it had pretty flowers (and that it was grown by Satan himself, therefore is evil to use and all that jazz).

What really frosts me is that, one of the reasons why some people think Salvia Divinorum should be on the illegal drugs list is because they think the two are the same, which could not be further from the truth. Salvia is nothing like other drugs and is totally safe for recreational, personal or medical use.

Besides, recent surveys have shown that the use of Salvia Divinorum is much lower than that of Cannabis, which is in fact banned for consumption and rightly so. So, creating a legal impediment on these restricted substances has not actually diminished their usage.

Additionally, unlike other substances such as alcohol, nicotine and Cannabis, Salvia Divinorum is an important entheogen that has no adverse side effects. It’s not addictive and has never been known to take a life when inhaled or otherwise. So, people who want to hammer up a solution to a non-problem should ban petroleum products instead, since their fumes pose a much greater danger to our youth.

Bottom Line:

Personally, I don’t care about what someone puts in their arm or up their nose, but instead of making everything illegal we should own up to some responsibility. I bet all those conservatives didn’t think twice before sending their kids to the store for a pack of smokes. That being said, we should all be responsible for our actions and those who do use Salvia Divinorum or any other entheogen should do so responsibly and make sure that they don’t abuse it.

If you would like to share your thoughts with us, please feel free to do so.

Salvia Divinorum: Tips for First Time Salvia Users

What is Salvia Divinorum?

For those of you who do not know, Salvia Divinorum is a perennial plant belonging to the sage mint family. The plant has been effectively used in divination and spiritual healing practices by South American shamans and faith healers alike. The plant when chewed or smoked is also a highly potent agent for inducing apparitions and out-of-body experiences.

All that can be said is when on a higher dose of Salvia, a person is not able to rationalize what they see, which basically means that reality as you know it is gone.

How to Avoid Low Quality Salvia:

For those of you who are searching for places to get Salvia online, here are a few tips that will lead you to the best suppliers of the Salvia Divinorum leaves and extracts online.

  • Does the online supplier take your money without sending the product?
  • How quick is their shipping process?
  • Do they have the proper experience in supplying Salvia?
  • Read online reviews to find out about which places exceed expectations.

Tips for Using Salvia:

While taking Salvia will certainly improve your mood and feelings, these are a few tips that will help you be safe throughout the Salvia experience. Its aftereffects vary from person to person, but it’s always better to stay safe and avoid Salvia if you are allergic to certain elements in Salvia.

A good way of finding out more about Salvia online is by going to our site at www.salviadragon.com for all you need to know about this plant. A bong or water pipe can be used to inhale the smoke and prevent coughing. In order to inhale the Salvia smoke properly, it is important to clean the bong pipe well before use.


Many people think that smoking Salvia is like smoking other drugs, but this could not be more wrong. While Salvia Divinorum does create a trance like state for the person under its influence, smoking Salvia is nothing like other hallucinogens. It is perfectly safe and has no adverse effects.

When it comes to smoking Salvia Divinorum, anyone can do it, but there are certain precautions that should be taken, especially by those who haven’t had enough experience with Salvia or are first timers. Just like while purchasing liquor or cigarettes, if you are under eighteen, it is probably best to stick to soda instead.

If you would like to share the experiences of your Salvia trip with us, please feel free to do so.

Salvia Divinorum: Take the Healing Journey to Your Inner Temple

Salvia Divinorum, also known as Diviners Sage, is an extraordinary herb which has been used in shamanism, healing, meditation and divination. The herb is also known to induce spiritual insight and lead a person to explore their consciousness.

Some of the phenomena that it is known to bring on are astral projections and mind altering changes in a person’s perception. The purpose of Salvia is basically to purify and clear the mind. The religious teachers and shamans of ancient Mexican tribes believed that once the mind opens, Salvia has the power to enable positive mind altering changes in a person’s perception. Not only does the herb cause a high or a trip, but it can also open the third eye to new knowledge.

The Effects of Salvia:

The effects of smoking extracted or concentrated Salvia leaves can be quite overwhelming. Because of its potent effects, a person should first carefully prepare for and have a general idea of what they are about to experience. Its effects can range anywhere from mild to intense depending on the amount being used.

One of the reasons why it is so easy to get Salvia online is because the effects, though intense, are short lived and reach their peak within minutes. The effects of Salvia can taper off quite quickly when being smoked while when taken orally, the effects may last up to a few hours. One of the advantages of smoking Salvia is that a person can take multiple shots in a short while without causing any danger to their normal body function.

Some of the effects of Salvia Divinorum may include:

  • Loss of Co-ordination
  • Finding hidden answers
  • A contemplative sense of peace
  • Experiencing multiple realities
  • Feelings of being immersed in a field of energy
  • Lucid out of body experiences

The active compound in Salvia Divinorum extracts that are easily available at our online store is called Salvinorin A. This substance is also known as the strongest hallucinogenic known to man, whose effects are unlike other substances or herbs that produce similar trance like states.

Methods of Use:

There are several methods of ingesting Salvia that have varying hallucinogenic effects on people.

  • Dried leaves of Salvia can be smoked in a bong, pipe or as a joint. The effects of Salvia when inhaled last for about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • The fresh leaves of Salvia can either be chewed and swallowed or chewed as a quid. The effects of chewing Salvia last far longer than when it is being smoked.
  • The extracts that can be bought of Salvia online can be mixed with water or inhaled. Since the Salvinorin A is deactivated before entering the blood stream, this method produces a more moderate effect.

If you would like to share your experience with us, please feel free to do so.

Rolling Salvia Divinorum: Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out

Ancient herbs like Salvia have always been used for their healing purposes and spiritual enlightenment. The herb not only makes you think out of the box, but also pushes you out of the box to experience what the Native American Shamans and Sages referred to as a magical experience.

It is an experience that can make you glide up to heaven and shake hands with god and other spiritual entities. It provides a quick trip for the person who wants to experience another dimension that is far beyond their normal lives, as they know it.

After smoking the herb, people usually get spaced-out and have open-eye visuals. The best thing about Salvia though, is that in won’t leave you jonesing for more like other potent substances. Unlike others, the herb Salvia Divinorum is perfectly legal and can be obtained from Salvia dealers across the country or by going online to one of the many online websites who deal in this herb like www.salviadragon.com.

There is nothing more powerful than the sub-conscious mind and it is certainly not something that should be toyed around with. The Salvia Divinorum herb offers an escape for a person; who knows, this herb might just show you your true self, it may be scary for some but it also provides an opportunity to change one’s self.

Final Thoughts:

I am sorry if this will take a negative spin of sorts, but when talking about Salvia, thoughts of its negative effects usually creep up. My thoughts on this matter are that all psychedelics have their negative effects like trauma, for example, which is why it makes no sense to fight over its subjective effects. The bottom line is, people have cottoned down to the fact that everyone who has done Salvia Divinorum has found it to be beneficial.

The whole point of using this herb is to reprogram ourselves by undergoing the experience that it provides, but that being said, anyone using Salvia should always take the utmost care. It is highly recommended that a person should educate themselves first before trying it out.

For people who really want to change their perspective of life, it must be understood that creating the proper environment which is both positive and safe during and after the experience is the key to achieve the spiritual transcendence which they seek.

Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is a special psychoactive plant. It can induce dissociative effects such as visions and hallucinations on the person who administers them. The prime location where it is found is Mexico from where large supplies are shipped across the world. Shamans have a long history and association with this herb. They believe it to be of religious significance and use it for spiritual healing of the mind and body. Let’s take a look at the illustrious history of Salvia Divinorum.

Early History

Salvia for sale wasn’t always as common in the early days as it is today. Little was known about this herb before its 20th century discovery in the western world. In 1939,anthropologist Jean Basset Johnson wrote of an infusion made with “Hierba Maria” or Mary Herb with visionary properties that was used for divining purposes while he was studying Mazatec shamanism. This was the birth of this herb as a healing tool.

The 60’s

This revolutionary herb was then first put to work by Gordon Wasson, but at that time few samples were available, so detailed research could not be conducted. Lack of technology and resources also hampered any real progress. One of the samples was analyzed at Harvard University in 1962. However, it wasn’t until later that Salvia Divinorum’s healing properties were discovered.


Scientists and researchers began extensive work in search of answers. The psychoactive elements and structure of Salvia Divinorum was eventually discovered by Daniel Siebert and his team. This was the first time that this herb was used other than for the Shamanic ceremonies and rituals.

Ban and Present Scenario

Initially, a lot of countries raised objections against this herb. Terming it as harmful to health, a lot of experts were unconvinced of its healing abilities. Governments put regulations in place where users of this herb would be charged under constitutional law. Despite its struggle in the early days, this herb was eventually traded in the markets. Salvia Divinorum for sale became more available and people started using it. As time passed by, more research was conducted and results were much clearer this time around. A lot of countries permitted this herb’s use. Making it legal, today only a few countries such as Australia have banned this drug. It is widely available across the world in different types, depending on the user’s requirements.

The internet has played a major part in the popularity of this herb. Salvia divinorum for sale is now commonly available online on websites. Social networking websites have further increased its market share.

All You Want To Know About Salvia Divinorum

Very few people are aware of the real facets of salvia divinorum. Many people still define it as a hallucinogen and associate various disadvantages and side effects from its consumption. However, there is no authenticity related to such stories. Salvia is considered a sacred plant which belongs to the family of mint. It can be consumed in varying desirable quantities to experience the trances associated with this plant.

The consumption of salvia divinorum is not unhealthy. While the consumption of hallucinogens usually makes a person feel dizzy once they take effect, a person that consumes salvia feels energized and happy. This is basically the major reason why salvia is considered a sacred plant.

Physical Attributes

Another name for this sacred herbal plant is Diviner’s Sage. Initially found only in Mexico, this plant is now available in Central and South America too. This dark green plant has broad, oval-shaped leaves. Historians have confirmed the usage of this plant by Mexican Shamans to carry out their religious and traditional rituals.

The Effects

The consumption of this unique herb gives a blissful trancelike feeling to the body and mind of the person. The effects of this herb are same regardless of how you prefer to consume it (for e.g. chewing, drinking or smoking salvia). The strength of the effect can however vary from person to person depending on the amount and the strength of salvia divinorum consumed. According to a study based on the experiences of people who have consumed salvia, there were reports confirming that people feel energized and livelier after the consumption.


The usage of salvia has become common among adults and teenagers. In fact, a survey revealed that more than 5.7% of high school going teenagers use this herb for rejuvenating themselves to ward off anxiety feelings. Surveys conducted later showed even higher percentages of high school teens were actually using the herb.. Other than this, even middle-aged and old aged people showed interest towards this unique herb for enjoying meditational experiences and getting rid of their worries.

Unlike how dangerous some people regard it, salvia divinorum is a safe herb and has no physical or mental side effects for human beings. However, it is recommended for first-time users to start off with lower strength and a small dosage to avoid any  unpleasantexperience.

If you want to wither away exhaustion, depression and feelings of anxiety, salvia could be  the answer.

All about Salvia Divinorum

Throughout the history, plants have been used extensively by spiritual seekers, healers and shamans to enter varied states of consciousness and speed up the spiritual pursuit. For this purpose, plants that have been used include; cannabis, peyote, salvia divinorum and psilocybin mushrooms. With the use of these plants or herbs, spiritual seekers get an understanding of astral projection, get access to the collective unconscious and through both of these, they find tranquility and peace.

Benefits of Salvia Divinorum

Although, the use of plants for spiritual pursuits or quests has faced immense criticism and numerous negative connotations by many disbelievers or critics, the benefits of such plants, including salvia divinorum, cannot be ignored. According to a number of researches, ingestion of psychoactive plants provides numerous psychological benefits to the user.

A majority of such plants or herbs that were used for spiritual quests for centuries have now been made illegal, with the exception of salvia divinorum. This herb is still legal in most countries around the world and can be used to improve the spiritual growth. First used by the Mexican Mazatec shamans, salvia divinorum or Diviner’s Sage, as it is most commonly known, is part of the mint and sage families.

The benefits associated with the use of salvia divinorum have also been proven by scientific research that stated that by smoking salvia, an individual will benefit from enhanced self-confidence; increased insight; a better mood and improved concentration. Moreover, many of salvia users have termed their experience as calming and peaceful.

How To Consume Salvia Divinorum?

Given the benefits associated with salvia mentioned above, it is worth giving it a try. The next question to ask would be – how to consume salvia divinorum? The answer to this question is the salvia leaves can either be chewed or can be smoked. However, smoking salvia is considered the most effective way in which its benefits can be reaped to the maximum. A water pipe can be used to smoke the dried leaves of salvia, but they have to be heated at a very high temperature so that the psychoactive properties are properly released. For this reason, majority of the people prefer salvia extracts or preparations having a high level of concentration.

To experience the positive effects of salvia divinorum, it is best to buy salvia online, provided the supplier is reputable and has experience of both using and selling the plant. Most of the websites online also provide customers’ testimonials on their website, which you can review if you still have any doubts in mind.

The Effects of Using Salvia Divinorum

Before you buy Salvia Divinorum, you should know the effects of using it so you know how to use it properly. The effects of this herb are different for every person. Due to the out of body experience that it is known for, it is advised that you must never use it while driving or using heavy machinery. This is advised because the bloodstream absorbs the essence of salvia leaves and stimulates your mind. You must always know the effects of consuming anything stimulating beforehand.

Salvia leaves are legal to consume in most parts of the United States. However, people with diagnosed diseases and individuals taking medicines should take their doctor’s advice prior to consuming the herb. Though the herb is known to be very effective for treating various diseases, your doctor’s suggestion will help you ascertain its effects and the right dosage.

You should always begin consuming salvia in small amounts since consuming larger doses as a beginner can be dangerous for your health. Increase the amounts gradually just as you begin to ascertain its repercussions. If you consume salvia in the correct amounts, it will work as a powerful tool for meditation and offer greater enlightenment.

Consumption of salvia also instigates a sense of awareness which is extremely useful in self-reflection and meditation. The effects of salvia after consumption are apparent in as little as sixty seconds. Until the next five to ten minutes of consumption, the effects of salvia are strong. However, the effects completely go away 50 to 60 minutes after consumption.

It is a misleading notion, believed upon by many people, that salvia has the effects of drugs. The fact is that salvia only appeals to a small population only. People who are true aficionados of salvia leaves, are mostly mature with a stable and philosophical mindset. A lot of consumers also have high tolerance for salvia leaves. Hence, they induce large doses of salvia to get the optimum out of body experience. However, with other users, small amounts of salvia are enough to get them going.

The effects of salvia are also variable depending on what mood you consume it in and what type of setting you are in while using it.

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This article was contributed by Salvia Dragon to educate consumers about Salvia Divinorum leaves.

Salvia Divinorum – Smoking Using Different Herbs

Smoking tobacco is injurious to health, yet people continue doing so. However, the trends of smoking have changed in the recent past and now people are using herbal smoke methods to induce benefits. Inducing herbs in any way is not dangerous since they are natural, therapeutic and beneficial sources of treatment for various health conditions. Not only can herbal smoking benefit you physically, but can be beneficial for your mental well-being as well.

Salvia Divinorum, a popular herb, is also being used widely for smoking as a substitute to tobacco. Herbal smoking is also called legal bud smoking. This involves inhaling the fumes of different herbs by way of chillums, specialized pipes and even by rolling them in papers used for cigarettes.

Wide assortments of these herbs have been regarded as legal buds. In fact, these herbs are the ones that have been widely used for over centuries in form of traditional tribal teas and shamanic potions. Herbal smokes are mainly prepared by mixing two or more herbs in different proportions.

Some of the most popular herbs used in this process include Salvia Divinorum, chamomile, hops, ginseng, damiana, kava kava, passion flower, wild dagga, skullcap, star of Bethlehem, scotch broom tops, artemisia vulgaris, betel nut powder, and various others. The combination of these herbs with Salvia Divinorum augment the aroma of herbal smoke even more than if salvia Divinorum is used alone.

Moreover, a combination of specific herbs with Salvia Divinorum can also be beneficial to cure various health conditions. The health benefits of salvia Divinorum cannot be denied. The herb has been researched upon widely at various established research facilities and medical institutes in the world. Currently, researchers are studying more about the prospective benefits of salvia and how it can be used to treat various diseases.

Different herbs combined with salvia are inhaled through chillums or pipes. Native Indians roll the mixture of salvia with other herbs into betel leaves, whereas people also use the herbs in various other ways such as in form of herbal tea.

Generally, it is a perception that smoking is injurious to health which is in fact true with respect to tobacco only. If you use herbs instead, that would be absolutely fine since they are natural and contain health benefits. However, if you have been diagnosed with disease of lungs, you should consult your doctor before smoking the leaves of salvia. Instead, it is suggested that you use salvia in other forms that will be extremely beneficial for you, for example, inhaling, tea, etc.