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Diseases or Conditions Salvia Divinorum can Cure

Salvia Divinorum is a Mexican herb from the mint family which is generally consumed for chewing and smoking. Due to minimal research on this herb, doctors are not aware of the medical benefits it can provide. But in the recent time, scientists have started doing in depth study on this plant and according to them there are many diseases or conditions Salvia Divinorum can cure.

In the past decade, there has been a steep increase in the number of cardiovascular patients and cancer patients. Researchers around the world are discovering the benefits of this herb. According to them cardiovascular and cancer are two diseases Salvia Divinorum can cure partially by dilating the blood vessels and arteries and increasing the blood flow.

Salvia also helps in curing Alzheimer. Amyloid protein plays a big role in Alzheimer’s disease in which brain cells get destroyed and one starts loosing memory. Many medical studies states that Alzheimer disease can be cured by Salvia Divinorum as the herb has astonishing effect against Amyloid protein.

Few studies have also stated that the problem of depression could be cured with the help of Salvia Divinorum. Although it is too early to conclude that the herb gives positive effects on all patients but many doctors have received positive feedbacks from the patients who took Salvia to cure depression.

Other than the above mentioned diseases, AIDS, schizophrenia, chronic pain, insomnia, alcohol addiction, stress and digestion are few diseases or conditions Salvia Divinorum can sure. Today, scientists from all over the world are researching to find out what all diseases and conditions Salvia Divinorum can cure.

Salvia and Pranayama

Many people use salvia to relax and meditate. Of course Pranayama is a popular form of yoga so it has come to pass that the two have become intertwined for some people. Salvia and Pranayama can actually be used in an incense form. If someone sits is in a room which is quiet and peaceful and have an incense of Salvia burning, the combination can produce a peaceful interaction. If one sits in a room with legs crossed and inhales Salvia deeply and does perform Pranayama at that time, it takes the mind deep within the soul and one can experience inner peace.


One must make sure that the door of the room is closed so that the room fills with the scent and smoke so as to keep a sated state of mind. One should not inhale excess of Salvia which may harm the body but possibly enough to let the mind run free. Users comment that they experience an outer body experience and can actually see where they want there life to be. Once Salvia is combined with Pranayama, the body relaxes, the heart beat slows to a calming pace and sometimes even breathing slows down to almost nothing. At this time one could see a reflection on his life and become calm. One lets the day and all of the stress wash away. One is able to sit back and enjoy the ride, and let oneself go and only see the good in what life has to offer.

Researchers Perspective

The Salvia plant has many different uses and is known to produce psychoactive effects. In our history, the Mazatec were known and are still known to use this drug everyday. This plant has also been known to have medicinal purposes. Some of them are the relief of headaches, for the older generation to feel more relaxed, diarrhea and also for rheumatism. There is some support from researchers’ perspective that this herb may, one day, be used as an antidepressant that is safe for human consumption as a natural alternative. It has been known for its ability to help one meditate and find an inner peace with themselves. Researcher’s perspective has delved into the world of slavia and has worked to see what dosages have different affects on people.

Since researchers have been looking into the effects and side effects of salvia, it has since been discovered that smoking or inhaling the product can be a great addition to meditation. But, in order to get the full effects, you need to follow some guidelines. Because the herb can take up to a full 30 minutes for you to feel anything, make sure that the room is dark since this is the best way to experience it. The room should be quiet along with some peaceful music in the background. According to researchers perspective you should not be alone. You have no idea what effect this will have on you. Do a little of your own Researchers before experimenting with Salvia and enjoying its effects.

Salvia-Lawmakers Perspective

Whether you can consume Salvia or not depends on the state you reside in. There are some states where the drug is controlled. But in most of the states it is legal to use the drug. If you live in a state where Salvia is legal that means in that particular state it is legal to grow, buy, own, and sell Salvia. This also includes Salvia extracts. If someone decides to sell the herb as a supplement of some sort, then the sales must be confirmed to the U.S. Lawmakers perspective and if it is sold for consumption as a food or drug, then sales must be regulated by the FDA. Because the herb is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, the sale of the herb is probably illegal. The sale of an illegal drug in the United States is prosecutable by law under the FD&C’s misbranding clause and Lawmakers perspective. The larger the quantity the drug is sold in; there is a larger possibility that the person selling it will be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the Lawmakers perspective. It has been said that the US Air Force is actually considering having salvia divinorum added to their banned drug list. As said before, it all depends on which state that you live in and what are the rules and regulations there along with Lawmakers perspective that you will have to abide by. The state police, the federal police, the navy and even the air force all have there own rules that you have to abide by. So, if you plan to purchase, grow, sell or use Salvia, make sure to check Lawmakers perspective in your state first.

Mixing Salvia with Other Drugs

Salvia Divinorum is a rare herb which produces psychoactive effects. Being a legal herb, the drug is quiet popular among the young generation. Teenagers tend to mix Salvia with other drugs unaware of the effects it can produce. But a lot of caution should be taken while mixing Salvia with other drugs as the interaction may produce extremely negative effects.Many users propose that Salvia did not produce any side effects when they mixed it with other drugs. However, it has been found that if Salvia is combined with some specific drugs, it may not be safe. There have been some cases when people mixed Salvia with another drug and the combination reacted in a negative way. Though, doctors are not sure that the reaction was due to the consumed mixture. Therefore, even though the drug doesn’t produce negative effects if it’s combined with some drugs but it doesn’t guarantee that it won’t produce any side effect if combined with any drug.
In case, someone decides to experiment on his own by mixing Salvia with any other drug, one should be exceptionally alert. One should make sure to start with a very small dose so that to guard him from the risk of any side effect if produced. If the mixture doesn’t produce any side effects, one may try increasing the dose slowly. One should also take care that such experiments should only be attempted under the presence of a supervisor. The supervisor could be a great help if any problem arises during the process of mixing Salvia with another drug.

Salvia Community

As with many things such as sports, music, poetry readings and others, Salvia has its own click. People come and people go from Salvia community. Although may think that it is small, on the contrary you will find that this little Salvia community gathering is not quite so small. The age range is from the average teenager to the full grown adult. Most of the young people it seems use the herb for the purposes of feeling a high. There are also those that are looking for the spiritual use of the herb and using practices from the shamans.

There are many different websites that are for chatting and posting blogs on the salvia community. It seems that you get the occasional person that will show up out of the blue to post their experiences and then the next thing you know, they are never to be heard from again. These are the experimenters that are not true members of the community. People that are looking for the more spiritual or psychedelic trips of the herb tend to stick around longer. They have found there place in a community that accepts them for who they are and they share something in common with at least one other person. So, if you take part in the experience of Salvia community, do a little research and you could become a member of the community. Share your experiences, likes and dislikes with others that share something with you. Come and see the world of salvia community.

Salvia: The Sage of Wisdom

Salvia is known as the Sage of Wisdom. It is a member of the sage family and the only one that is know to cause visions. Shamans use this in their practices and many people use it just for the use of decoration in there homes. The Salvia, the sage of wisdom is a powerful mind altering drug if used in a proper way.

While the Shamans use Salvia for smoking but originally it was used for the purpose of a ceremony to cause mind hallucinations. This method has been used for centuries in these religious ceremonies by the Mazatec Indians.

The Sage of Wisdom – Salvia is found in Mexico. Some people who have used this as a hallucinogenic herb have reported that they feel as though they have experienced some sort of time travel, turning into someone else or even loosing their memory for a short period of time.

Unfortunately, you have to consume large quantities of Salvia to reach these heights and that is what makes this extremely dangerous. The Sage of Wisdom is a drug that can lead to extreme health dangers if used for a longer period and therefore should be used with great precaution.

There are many different ways to consume the sage of wisdom. It can be smoked, chewed or vaporized. One should do a lot of research before deciding to the use Salvia. One should look into the side affects it may cause on health. One should also remember that Salvia is not legal everywhere.

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