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Great Product

I just received my shipment of Salvia20x and not only did the order come in much sooner than I thought the product was wonderful!  It had a very fresh and pleasant aroma and the effects were very pleasant.   I lit the fire place, put on some wonderful music for ambiance and I allowed myself to partake in the herb.   My experience was very nice.  It was very mellow and the colors were incredible. A few years ago I legally died and saw a woman I can go describe as my angel and when using the Salvia with my eyes closed I was able to see her once again.   I am buying a stronger dosage for the future but, I recommend this website and this product to anyone who may need a little help with spiritual guidance. I’ve used other websites and not only are they more expensive but, their products are not fresh at all which takes away from the experience.   THANK YOU SO MUCH for the this amazing effect which sadly does not last long but, Salvia Dragon does sell other items that can make the effect last a bit longer.    I will be a repeat customer for as long as possible.  Thanks, customer  H. D

— Thanks HD, emails like this really make it worthwhile, TheDragon.

Miley Cyrus and Salvia

Miley Cyrus has a new video out — and in it she’s smoking from a bong at her L.A.-area home five days after her 18th birthday in November. The herbaceous culprit? Allegedly not pot, but salvia.

More on salvia later.

In the video, taken by a friend who wanted to “document the [heck] out of this” and posted by TMZ, Cyrus goes from “having a little bit of a bad trip” to laughing her butt off to, well, acting pretty much like an idiot. You know that laugh? Yeah, there’s that laugh.

“Is that a … Liam lookalike or what?” she asks. “Is that my boyfriend?”

Um, no, Liam Hemsworth does not appear to have been in the house.

Keeping with the relaxed vibe, the Eagles’ “Take It Easy” — which we hear is a big hit with the kids these days? — can be heard in the background.

Salvia divinorum, an herb with hallucinogenic properties, is legal to buy and possess in California, as is marijuana, for those with a prescription. (We’ll have to get back to you on whether tobacco smoking is still legal in the Golden State, however. Depends on the city.)

“That this drug is legal is shocking,” drug-abuse expert Howard C. Samuels told The Times in 2008. “I find it especially disgusting that kids can leave high school on their lunch hour and go to a head shop and get it.”

Samuels said that salvia’s brief high, which includes hallucinations (apparently that one’s on-again, off-again boyfriend has shown up at the party?), can leave users upset and contribute to preexisting emotional problems.

In July 2008, California prohibited the possession of salvia divinorum by minors.

“Take It Easy” has been around since 1972; Miley has been around since 1992.

First Real Salvia Trip

Last year, age 17, I used salvia for the first time. I read up on the effects, no videos. Anyways I bought it myself underage when i was visiting for a family reunion. When everyone went to bed around 11pm me and my cousins headed across the road to the other end of a apple tree orchard where we smoked.
We were sitting in the dirt and I was first to go, I passed the bong away, held in till i needed to breathe. by this time I felt the tingling and when I looked over to my cousins I hallucinated them laughing hysterically right at me. I went out of body, falling forwards and could see myself and my cousins sitting there from 20 feet away… I thought it would never end and this would be it. They were also talking and I began trying to merge two of the words they spoke. To be..tobe..toby… anyways i was unconciously mumbling this and making no sense. right after i NEEDED to go somewhere. told my cousins i had to go and took off running down a lane of apple trees. I couldnt make out the trees much since i was running in the dark tripping balls and the nearly full moon was over head. That image will stay in my head forever…anyways The vison kicked in, i was a farmer boy running to my farm house for dinner. my “mom” was calling me dinner i suppose so I began yelling im coming or something but my cousins told me I was off in the orchard yelling like a retard… i dont remember it or i cant say yes i was yelling…just calling for my mom in the dreamstate. after what felt like an hour of running endlessly down this repeating orchard i began to come back…noticed a branch with an apple sticking out… i veered towards it and the the bounced off of my forhead. yes that was an apple i thought.
once i got to the road and could see the house I thought… what the… holy fuck howd i get over here. I… Im suposed to be back there with my cousins right? so I begin my trek to the back and yelled “you guys there” not knowing if they had left. they replied and i felt a lot better. still coming down i didnt want to talk about how my trip went because i didnt know what happened. the usual come down i supose. they went next but didnt trip as hard. probably got scared from watching me since they’ve only used salvia once before in smaller doses.
Ive tried salvia in lower doses since this and i still get that feeling i need to do something. its very very overwhelming. i must go somewhere. i cant understand it and I cant find any info about it.

HOLY S@&T Salvia

First I had no idea what to expect, I was thinking some killer bud like from Amsterdam. As I held it in, I remember telling my two boys, it taste like leaf from homegrown stashes. Then I began to fall backwards, not sure if I was faking it playing around cause my one boy was waving his hands joking ohhhh we gonna trip.. blah blah..

Then my friend who had the stuff, grabbed me, held me up and said it was cool, I literally felt as if my bones were melting out of my body. I could feel the sticks on my arms, so weird.

Then I stood up and we were in a shed, I walked to the outside, walked back inside and I thought I was getting kicked out of my own freaking head, that the other two guys were some sort of operators of my body and that since I cracked the experience, they were saying, let him go, as I walked outdoors..

When I came back in, there was sawdust on the ground and I looked closely and I thought it was a sea of mini people, chanting my name as I looked closely I actually picked on of them up… then I stood up and then I came back slowly…

Amazing intense experience, Im not into tripping at all, but this experience was nuts.. Very interesting out of the body experience

First Salvia Experience

First experience took place at my dads on the side of his house. It was a nice sunny day.

I have had previous experiences with mind altering drugs but I wasn’t expecting anything this good…especially knowing it was legal too.

Tried a couple hits with just salvia leaves and didn’t experience much. After the 3rd hit I could tell there was a slight difference in colors within my surrounding. Everything looked a little more vivid.

Its not until I took the hit of my 10x supply. I used a butane lighter which I read was the way you were suppose to do it. After holding it in for about 25 seconds I blew it out. As I began setting the bong down I could tell my depth perception was off. The grass seemed farther away which made it slightly harder setting the bong down.

After the bong was safely on the ground I leaned back knowing something was off. When I opened my eyes suddenly everything turned into a comic book. The trees and bushes in front of me began opening up. I began feeling a pressure pushing me to the left until I was eventually all the way on the ground. I stayed there for the majority of my trip.

It felt as if I was 4 feet below the surface…gazing up at my dad sitting on the edge looking down at me with his camera. I tried pulling myself up but it was no luck. The gravity sensation was just too strong.

I clearly remembering seeing about 5-6 people standing near my dad watching me. I would later find out this is what salvia users call “watchers.” And they were doing just that. Watching me and slightly mumbling among themselves.

Off and on during the trip I was in tears laughing!

The trip lasted strong for about 5 minutes. Afterwards I started sweating and sat piecefully pondering what just happened.

I will definetly try salvia again. I don’t know if I’m ready for 15x or 20x yet. I can see how potent this stuff can be and how far it can seperate you from this waking reality. The only part I didn’t like was feeling tired afterwards. I mean REALLY TIRED…I slept for a good 4 hours afterwards and felt still slightly drained when I woke up.

has anyone else experienced this tiredness afterwards…any recommendations?

I’ve searched high and low for negative effects on Salvia and I have never read or heard of anyone getting quite as tired as me after their trip.

If you would like to see my 10 minute Salvia video:

Go to youtube.com

Search: Greenalke1

Click on “first salvia trip 5x”

(When I made the video I thought it was 5x I had…later I would come to realize it was 10x I had for my first trip)

Salvia Is Not A Drug

Based on a mixture of similar ideas and believed experiences from those who have used salvia, I’ve come to some conclusions.
Salvia isnt so much a drug as just a way of opening up latent abilities in all of us. Most of us get that scared feeling because we are slipping away from reality and the self “ego”. the total loss of ego and grounding to everything we ever knew of anything is too much for most. Most dont cross over the threshold, so to say. Just approaching or starting to slip away as some call it, is terrifying enough for most. But when you cross over…
Most use salvia very foolishly and disrespectfully. it is a very sacred plant of the sage family. It allows use humans to do things and go places we cannot fathom now in this reality. most overuse it and thus go into those seizure like trance possessed zombie states. and then they dont remember any of it really but are terrified enough to never do it again. which is why i dont feel its appropriate to call Salvia Divinorum a drug.

Its a plant that allows usage of our deep spiritual cosmic links to God. I believe with enough controlled sessions you canget clues to the bigger pieces to our universe and how what we call “god” plays into that. also ties into ancient civilizations (12,000+ years ago ie Atlantis, Lemuria, etc), aliens and so much more. everything is connected, but there is all one source. It goes much deeper and interweaves with the very existence of thought and the self and space and anything. Much further than any human religion, it is the source, the creator, the “god”. All around us and in all of us, anything ever existing or conceiving to exist.

Also goes into levels of existence and death is just a physical death. the soul never dies, reincarnation and how that ties into our ideas of the creator or source(god), and so much more.

Get educated, open your mind, and dont just be good to others, be good to yourself. lose yourself in the progression of others and humanity as a collective. We’re all in this together. We’re here for soul growth. We all have a purpose. Every single one of use. Some of us are lost yes. They need more help. We need to grow to become better souls and ascend to a higher level of being and consciousness together. beyond this physical world. through reincarnation. back to God. the source, the one.

Salvia – Life Changing

I was at reading fest last summer when a friend offered some salvia
i was at a festival.. hardly going to say no..
in all honesty i had never heard of salvia before or it’s effects but was told the trips were similar to LSD so screw it, might as well festivals not a festival without a bit of experimentation.
Jesus christ…,i didnt think it would be that harsh!
anyhow first two hits were fine experiencing like level 1-2 laughing at my mates hawaiian shirt seeing it move and swirl, that sort of thing..
then on the third hit i literally felt myself leave my body and the physical world and went to what i’d call a dream world? I had left the visual world and all my senses were now in my hallucination.
haha i just remember saying after the third hit, “ahh man i’ll be back in 5”
i entered this like spinning vortex where this angel-like woman was in total control and pulling me upwards through these spinning doors and zips around me it was like a black hole or porthole guiding me through with the most amazing colours and patterns whirling and spinning, I persumed I was entering the “real” world and this life in fact wasn’t the true world. I went into a huge state of panic and realised i’d be leaving my bofriend, friends, sister etc in the apparant world and started to cry as tried to escape this world but there was no way i could. These spinning shutters and doors every 2 seconds or so would flicker the real world and so was able to see my friends for a moment and realised that was the loop hole back to the real world. However, in this image everything was made of lego, kinda weird. After about 3 minuits of crying and in total panic i managed to secure the loop hole and got through, everything still made of lego bricks, fucking weird. After that it began to fade away but I was pretty silent for a few hours after in a state of shock. Doesn’t sound that scary but the thought of leaving this world just did my head in, it was like salvia was what accessed you into the real world and this one had been a big lie. Haha i reckon i’d try it again.

An Awake Nightmare!

I recently secured a gram of 30x Salvia Divinorum through an online vendor, and having read numerous online accounts of this bizzare legal psychedelic, and for the most part assumed the stories were greatly exagerated, or told by people with limited tripping experience, I wanted to try the strongest I could find.

Wow, was I wrong, Salvia Divinorum is a mind-freak of the HIGHEST order, and should NEVER be taken without extensive research and precaution.

The absolute minimum level of safety has to include a sitter and a soft, if not padded room!

I will attempt to summarize my experience as briefly as I can, but the sure gravity of that experience CANNOT be understated.

Well, having read the online warnings and anecdotes, I was very careful, so I thought, to be in a safe environment, i.e. my couch, with a sober and attentive babysitter at my side.

I packed a glass bowl with maybe 1/4 gram, took about the biggest hit I could without choking, and sat back on the couch, holding it in as long as I could before slowly letting it out.

Within 20-30 seconds the effects became OVERWHELMING, the last thing I said out loud to my sitter was “oh, I can see it…” or something to that effect.

Basically, from one hit, and within half a minute I was FULL blown PEAKING on the most intense trip imaginable.

Unexplainable, indescribable, mind-altering psycho-f—!

My mind/ego no longer existed in 2 of the 4 dimensions, there was no time and no left or right. By no left or right I mean the concept of left as being different from right, or vice-versa was impossible, I felt like I was in 2 dimensions and thinned out to one atom thick. Time did not seem to move forward or back, or exist as a dimension at all. I now existed on a one sided plane without any awarness of being in a body whatsoever, except a slight feeling or being paralyzed physically, though I dont think I actually was.

I became fused within the inanimate world and was no longer a physical entity, only a 2 dimensional consciousness with no body.

I could not see my body and no longer knew where I was.

Most importantly to note is this, I was absolutely TERRIFIED, and later realized that I had never been truly scared until that moment. I was being washed away into oblivion one atom at a time and was crying out to my sitter for help, “Please, save me, no save yourself, get away, it will get you too”.

When I began to come back, my left side felt unbearable hot, and my right side freezing cold. I was pale, shaking, and covered from head to toe in a thick sheen of cold sweat.

Strangely, it lasted ONLY about 4 minutes (240 seconds), and nothing seemed that unusual to my sitter, I just looked really confused and pale, but none of what I thought I was saying was actually out loud, I could not speak or move…total psychological paralysis coupled with absolute fear and loathing in Colorado!

If you ever experiment with this legal sage, be advised, it does not compare in any way shape or form with anything I have ever taken, and I have taken nearly all of them!.

Salvia Divinorum makes LSD seem like beer, and that is not an exaggeration.

In a nutshell, it induced a fully awake nightmare of the most terrifying nature, yet somehow I want more.

Although I did swear NEVER to take Sally again after I came to, one wonders what doors it could open…

The Unreality of Our Reality

There is is no language capable of truly expressing this indescribable experience.

I’ve done some crazy high doses of salvia before in my journeys, but this one left me shaken more than usual.

They say be careful what you ask for; yeah, that would be good advice. I grounded and centered myself. I asked my guides/guardian angels for their assistance in my journey. I asked God/The Universe/Great Spirit, etc. for knowledge, wisdom, and insight into this sojourn on earth. I asked to gain wisdom into how I could best solve my problems. i asked for the veil of illusion to come off.

I sat with my sitter and loaded up a nice plug of extremely fresh standardized 20x. It deserves to be mentioned that I still had a lot of salvia in my bloodstream from my three previous hits (one hit of raw foliage, 5x, and 10x respectively before the 20x). I incinerate the sally with the torch lighter, and in goes a large quantity of smoke.

Thirty seconds later, I blow the smoke out. As the smoke leaves my lungs, it forms a rod of light coming out of my mouth, and forms a pillar like a laser beam. I manage to lie on my back before totally leaving this reality.

The next thing I realize is that I am pulled backward and out of my body. I sink into the ground and become one with it. I feel my spirit face pulled out of my fleshly face, like being pulled out of a mask. I next feel my spirit pulled out of my body like being pulled out of a robe.

My earth body is fused into material reality, which is not reality at all, and it is separated from “me,” rather forcefully I must say. I realize that the reality we know is like a play of lights and shadows. What I knew as tangible and real was nothing more than a flimsy, thin sheet of a reality.

Picture your spirit body wrapped tightly in a giant sheet of plastic, like plastic wrap. It wraps around your entire body from front to back. Behind you is darkness. You are projected into (but not through) this sheet of plastic. The plastic naturally covers your entire face. Your eyes look through this sheet of plastic, and the sheet acts as a kaleidoscope which creates the light and shadow play we experience as this life, sort of like a spiritual lense. The sheet of plastic is our entire reality that experiences this earth. I come to know that the real “me” is a supersoul that is my true reality that resides in the spirit world. The consciousness we experience here on earth is extremely limited, and when we die and give up this body we rejoin our supersoul. It’s almost as if there’s a bigger “us” sitting in the spirit world pulling the strings that allows us to act and create and form our material world and our reality. It’s sort of like we’re temporarily caught in an unreal game which serves as a giant school room for spiritual evolution.

When I came back to earth consciousness, I felt like I was squashed into a prison cell. I felt suffocated in this body.

I had questions answered that I had sought the answers to for a lifetime. I experienced wisdom and perspective that will take me weeks to process and communicate.

Much more took place, too much to mention in this one post. So, I will continue to tell the story in the next post.

Until then, happy journeys.

Experiencing Everything as Consciousness

[I’m still tripping a bit, but here it goes]:

Tonight I may have received an answer to a question I have been pondering for some time. And, this answer seems to mirror all that quantum physics has postulated.

I usually feel a “presence” once I go into my journey, but what is this presence? Is it/are they beings that guide the journey? Is it one guide that guides the experience? Or is it not a being but a mechanical but intelligent process that guides the journey?

Tonight I think I got my answer.

I inhaled the 3rd or so bowl of salvia and held it for 30 seconds. I saw my hands and body smear into waves of energy and merge with my surroundings which were now all light energy as well. My world narrowed around me and engulfed me in a tunnel of swirling energy. Suddenly, I felt the presence.

I experienced everything in the environment come alive and swirl in translucent light energy. All the sounds seemed to be speaking to me. The slightest sound of a human, a bird, etc. seemed to be penetrating deeply into my soul. It all was intelligent in this alternate reality.

My non-solid reality, existing solely of energy, related to me personally. I felt the energy of every visible and sub-atomic particle relating with me.

Then it hit me: I am experiencing the consciousness of all that is in time and space within this system I am dwelling in! There is a latent consciousness in every “solid” object, in sound and music, in light, water, the air, and any matter we may experience. It’s a different consciousness than what we normally experience, but there is a consciousness to even the smallest particle in the universe.

This knowledge hit me hard, and thrilled me greatly. Was I experiencing “a” being(s)? Perhaps. But my feeling of being non-dual existence allowed me to glimpse “behind the curtain” and feel the consciousness of the universe that lies just under the threshold of material consciousness. So, if it was a being, this being came from something even higher, and its constitutional makeup derives from even a higher consciousness, still existing of light and energy.

I Experienced Everything as Consciousness. It was all light, with consciousness inherent in it.

Has anyone here on this board felt anything similar before? I’d love to hear your stories that mirror this.

Take care!


For a real example of this, try listening to some very alive, but relaxing music – with lyrics – while on salvia. Music is a great example of this.You will feel the music exist as consciousness that speaks directly to you. You will realize that music is a “thing,” and has form and consciousness as well as sound. And no matter what you receive, you will receive something from the music.