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Smoking Salvia – Your First Ever Blissful Experience

Salvia divinorum is an amazing herb initially recognized in a small Mexican town years ago. The herb has been used for a number of reasons. Usage has been primarily for its stress relieving and calming effects. While salvia divinorum is an interesting herb that offers magical effects to a person, the effects are usually short-term and mainly based on the potency and amount of herb consumed.

While there are a number of ways to consume this herb if you are a first-time user, smoking is the most ideal way to initially try this herb out. Other methods include making a tincture out of the plant extracts, using it by mixing with water, or by simply chewing the leaves of the plant. Different methods could result in different potencies which will eventually impact the intensity and duration of influence it has on the consumer.

An individual can use a water bong or a pipe to smoke salvia leaves. This is more or less done in the same way as tobacco and marijuana are smoked. Smoking the herb using a pipe or water bong helps in cooling the smoke, since the procedure requires heating salvia leaves on high temperature for releasing psychoactive compounds, known as Salvinorin A. The requirement of heating the leaves on high temperature usually leads to people preferring the use of torch lighter while smoking salvia divinorum. After harvesting the leaves, they are dried for a number of days before they are ready to be smoked.

Smoking salvia divinorum can lead to experiencing the instant effects of the psychoactive compounds of the plant. For the initial 5 minutes, people can experience intense impact before they start tapering off for the remaining 5 to 20 minutes. Salvia extracts and leaves come in different levels of potency. You can identify the level of potency through the indication of colors or ‘x’ mentioned on all salviaproducts you purchase.

Different levels of potency can produce varying levels of intensity when smoked. Thus, it is suggested for first-time smokers to start off with compounds of less potency, instead of jumping into high potency right off the bat. It is advised for new salvia smokers to progress with their blissful experience slowly and gradually until they consider themselves strong enough to deal with the effects of higher doses of salvia divinorum.

Paul W – Salvia


Paul W.

Wednesday, 2 p.m. I’m hanging out listening to rap cassettes in my pal Terry’s Four Loko cellar, where I find a strange green brick. He tells me it’s a lifetime supply of salvia, a hallucinogenic drug that the government recently banned. I ask to try some, and Terry gets nervous. He doesn’t think I can handle it. Please. If I can handle spending 12 hours straight filling up on free Gatorade along the New York Marathon route, I can handle smoking a little plant.

We split a bowl, and I sink into Terry’s pre-owned Sealab 2021 beanbag chair. My eyes fixed on the Lance Armstrong poster opposite me, I hallucinate that Lance is biking out of the wall and into the basement, delivering mail to me with a smile on his face. But Lance’s honest demeanor suddenly grows vicious. He berates me over why his Easter tip was so small, and hints that he’s the reason my K’Nex catalog was late this month. I laugh to ease the tension, but the seven-time Tour de France winner starts screaming in my face. “You think this is funny? I’ll tell you something that’s not funny: having only one real testicle while the other is some kind of weird gross marble. The doctors said it would have the look and feel of a real ball, but I can tell. You think I can’t tell, jerkpole?!”

Terry, who had been having a relatively mellow time roleplaying as a self-adhesive stamp that wanted to be licked, senses I’m on a bad trip. We have to get to a safe place. So we grab our canes and set off to the Bushwick post office.

We walk inside, and the smelling salt of fresh parcels and stamp dust immediately elevates my mood. What are we here to mail today? We’re sending Lance back to France. I grab an international mailing envelope and try to stuff the entire poster in, but it seems my spacial skills have abandoned me. Terry suggests we tear the poster into tiny pieces and mail those individually. It’ll cost more on postage, but I agree, because drugs affect your judgment like that. We wind up with 22 stuffed envelopes. Terry doesn’t know any French addresses, so we just fill in a bunch of places we imagine are in France: Eiffel Tower, Normandy, Napoleon’s mansion, the movie theater where Hitler was blown up, the wine factory, etc. We don’t know any French ZIP codes or even how to write numbers in French, so we jot down “c/o Nicholas Sarkozy, RE: Pieces Of Lance Armstrong LOS IMPORTANTE” on all the envelopes. Hey, once it gets to France, it’s their problem, not ours.

At the window, the postal worker is also named Terry, and this causes my friend Terry to flip out and have an out-of-body experience. After much confusion, I finally manage to convey to the correct Terry that we need to mail parts of Lance Armstrong to France. I pass the envelopes through the slot and ask how much postage will be. Mailman Terry says he needs to go call someone to find out, and Friend Terry immediately tries to call France on his jailbroken Zune. Only Friend Terry doesn’t know the phone number to France, so he just punches in a bunch of digits and starts yelling that he’s Göring, and he’s back from the dead to get revenge on the dumb jock who stole his girlfriend. (We later checked the call logs and found out that Terry had dialed his ex-girlfriend, who was on vacation with her minor league hockey player fiancé in — you guessed it — the French Riviera. This is 100% true, and Snopes verified it.)

Mailman Terry returns with bad news. It will cost 69 Euros to mail all the envelopes. I only have about 20 Euros on me, and Friend Terry never converted his Francs because he thinks they’re making a comeback. Downtrodden, we turn to leave what would be my Third Worst Post Office Experience of all time (Second Worst: the time I brought a Slip ‘N Slide and it got all muddy because this Hispanic guy refused to take his shoes off before sliding; All-time Worst: the time my Walkman jammed in the middle of a long line and kept repeating “Y’all ready for this” from that song real loud and I couldn’t get the headphones off or stop the cassette or leave the line so my ears started bleeding and I had to go to a dog hospital instead of a human hospital because I didn’t have health insurance). But then Mailman Terry whispers for us to meet him in a large mail sack behind the post office. There, he explains a loophole where we can mail the letters at domestic rates to a U.S. Air Force base in Germany just past the French border where forwarded mail is then airlifted to France and dumped into the Seine. Sure, it’s a long shot, but it’s our only hope. We thank Terry for his assistance and hand him our boom boxes as tokens of our gratitude.

They say that when people use hallucinogens, their subconscious regrets and suppressed fears can emerge and attack them. Terry and I both felt this after smoking salvia that fateful afternoon. But with the help of a diligent postal worker who went the extra mile, we were able to overcome our demons. We spent the rest of the day laughing and kissing in celebration.

See Paul’s FaceBook post here: SalviaDragonSite

Thanks – From Bill G.

Bill:  Just wanted to thank you for my recent order; you guys always ship fast and have such great quality products!!!
The Dragon:  Thank you Bill; kind words that we truly appreciate.

I Received My Order Today With Super Fast Service

I received my order today, with super fast service. I couldn’t find a spot to leave my testimonial on your website but here goes…

Well to anyone curious of this mysterious herb, don’t worry i was really skeptical myself, especially after i ordered it. Believe it or not, this is not a fake testimonial like I have thought of others in the past. This was HONESTLY explainable! I think everyone needs to try this in your lifetime, if you can even call it that LOL. Just enjoy the ride,..the 20x had me on another level.
Thanks again Salviadragon!
Philip W.

My name is Lin Pyo – This is my testimony regarding Salvia Dragon products

My name is Lin Pyo, born and raised in Flushing New York.  With the high pace ‘City Life’ that i endure on a day to day basis, it is difficult to find a product of any sort that can be trusted.
I have been an obsessive Marijuana abuser for countless years.  As my addiction proceeded in to uncontrollable depths, I soon was faced with the possibility of jail time and/or death with such high doses of Cocaine and MDMA use; slowly but surely progressing in to Heroine abuse.
I have been using Salvia as a ‘Spiritual Growth’ drug but can’t really classify Salvia nor Marijuana as a drug.
Four years; I’ve used many different types and sources for my Salvia experimintation, and have never been more satisfied than with SalviaDragon.com.
To keep it plain and simple, SalviaDragon.com is the superior when it comes to Salvia.
When i first heard about your website, the first thing that came to mind was ‘SCAM’ as with many ‘Legal High’ websites.
I’ve tried Legal Marijuana, Legal Cocaine, TNT, Space Trips; basically each and every single one of the ‘Legal Highs’ and was disappointed every single time.
I tried your product out of mere curiosity.  I approached your website expecting dissapointment until i came across what is now as ‘Extract’….
I was shocked at your promotion consisting of free shipping, and your unbelieveably low prices.  I quickly ordered a 10x with my brother’s permission, only to find myself ordering the 20x the day my shipping arrived.  I then skipped to 80x and am to this day, a fanatic for many years.
I am currently on Parole, and SalviaDragon.com gives me that awesome buzz plus ability to leave my body as compared to LSD, Ketamine, and high doses of Narcotics without the bad side effects.
No addiction, no crash, no sitter required.  Bad sources of Salvia have caused me to:
1. Make a fool of myself.
2. Hurt myself without recognition.
3. Kept me away from that source for good.
With SalviaDragon.com, I:
1. Realized my ‘phobia” of Police.
2. Realized my purpose.
3. Grew in touch with my spirit and emotions.
My name is Lin Pyo of F-Town, NY and I am a proud customer of SalviaDragon.com

Thank You!

Salvia Dragon-

Just wanted to say thank you folks for the great customer service; I used to buy a lot of salvia from you before the Minnesota ban, and after several bad experiences on other sites purchasing Afghan Hash, I have decided to come back here with my business. I am very thankful for the reliability of your site, the great prices, and the quality of the merchandise, so keep up the great work folks, I will always come back!

Thank you again,

Joe B.

Review of Salvia Dragon

Review of Salvia Dragon.   { I am a musician and therefore I feel as an artist that inspiration is achieved from a desire to communicate views & emotions. The first time I experienced Salvia I actually felt a repetition of being floored, as in knocked out. Now that is not pleasant, so I experienced it again a short time later & wrote down what I could remember and i had the lights off to better understand what actually did occur. What I experienced was a series of infinite repetitive thought and I realized that as an artist i have to create, not be a spectator sitting on my ass,so I realized that this incredible experience of repetitive thought could be used for making love to my beautiful woman. Only a fraction of substance was used to achieve hours of love making, no B.S. Maybe I am just different but dam! It was awesome! True story. I thank God, or the higher forces which create life for this is not an activity of leisure but an experience which should be used for a special occasion. P.S. I also suggest drinking a glass of wine prior to doing this, just a glass though! By Craig Barr.

Testimonial – 11/24/2011

I’ve  tried Salvia before and I knew it worked well. The concern I had was with trusting an online company that I was not familiar with. SalviaDragon has FANTASTIC customer service! They are very quick to answer if you have any questions with your order. I highly recommend this company and their Salvia product.
— Thanks for nice word Rob 😉

My Salvia Experiences (Advice Please)

I have taken salvia on 4 occassions which i’ll describe in as much detail as possible below, i havn’t broken through on any occassion and would really like to know why, and what i can do to ensure i will definatly break through.

On every occassion except my voice was affected, and to me sounded very dry, and high pitched, and conversation was very difficult to maintain.
Every occassion that laughter occured the laughter was uncontrollable and in my mind felt like it would never stop, any attempt to purposly stop the laughter resulted uncontrolled drooling and continued to burst into further laughter, as far as i can recall only once has this resulted in a feeling of fear, i can’t explain why.

1. 20x Salvia
We rolled the salvia into salvia spliffs (unknowledgable as to the right methods at this time) after having the spliff roughly 30s after finishing it, i felt a compulsion to sit followed by a force pulling me to sit, after this i sat with my head in my hands in a bus stop for another 30s upon which i can only describe as a “fantasia-style” laughter occured which lasted consistently for roughly 10 mins.

2. 40x Salvia
On this occassion i piped the salvia, and killed the gram. This time i feel as though it was the closest to breaking through that i got. I felt a distortion of time and reality, the world was still exactly the same except very blurry, and speech became stuttered and droned. Friends were trying to talk to me, however their speech sounded like they were shouting at the top of their voices, and i was grabbed a few times by them which felt like what i can only described as mechanical “extendo-arms” similar to dr. octopus, and it was as though they were hundreds of meters away. Again there was no visionary effect observed.

3. 20x Salvia
This was used 3 times during a festival, again piped. the first and second hits were exactly the same. It was very difficult to focus on everything as the world was just spinning, whilst this occured i felt forces against me from all directs and as though i was falling alongside the earths rotation. On the 3rd occassion i can’t say whether i did or did not breakthrough, it was abour half a bowl, however i had also taken a legal ectacy before…anyway…this time, i felt absolutly nothing at all from the salvia other than a little lightheadedness, however when i went into the arena i was wearing a morphsuit and i did hallucinate but only when the mask of the suit was pulled up, were i felt forces trying to pull my face in opposite directions and everyone had an crude outline similar to the crap drawings of early cartoons, this appearance covered the outline of their body, legs hands ect… but also facial features.

4. 20x Salvia
On this attempt, i killed 3 bongs of the salvia, i can only describe another laughter filled experience however whenever i tried to fight against the laughter i felt a force dragging me on a rusty track-like path, during this experience i felt as though there was something not quite right, as though there was something blocking me, like a closed window or a gate, and i felt as though there was something more to salvia that i couldn’t quite get to, i came to the conclusion that the laughter was a result of my mind not being able to comprehend “true” reality and untill i could accept this the salvia could not open up and reveal its full potential to me.

i tried as best as possible to express my experience, as difficult for me as it was i hope its easy for you to understand, advice would be much appreciated on how to help me breakthrough, as since my final experience the conclusion has lead me to finally chase up and unlock salvia.

Thanks For A Great Experience!

I received my order today of the 20x extract, finished my experience about an hour ago, and I have to say that I am so happy. I have not had a Salvia experience in over 6 years; but this was by far the most enlightening journey of my life. I had been feeling like a tightly coiled piano string for quite some time now, but as of an hour ago that feeling has been relinquished.

It was absolutely beautiful having my mind and soul temporarily separated. You will definitely receive more orders from me in the near future! Thanks again,