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Buying Salvia Made Easy Online

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Online purchasing is growing in popularity and is trusted by most of its users. Buying salvia online proved to be of no exemption. A lot of salvia users are convinced that they were able to obtain the finest quality of salvia products through online transactions. They reasoned that they buy salvia online because of the great advantage the internet provides especially when it comes to finding the best offer, high quality salvia, the cost and also the status or selling reputation of the online retailers.

On the other hand, online transactions have also found to be a lucrative business by people who swindle money from individuals who buy salvia online. They attract na

Buy Salvia and Have a Fantastic Divine Experience

Salvia Divinorum is plant from the sage family.  Naturally found in the highlands of Mexico where most of the population believe that this plant is sacred and contain powers for enlightenment through meditation and divine experiences.  Salvia Divinorum contain hallucinogenic substances that are used by Mazatec shamans for curing ailments and also for divine rituals.  It is also a therapy at lower dosages as a diuretic, and to treat illnesses like diarrhea, anemia, headaches, and rheumatism.

Basically, there three ways of consuming Salvia; it could be taken as a drink, smoked or chewed.   Drinking the extract is more popular because most people believe that this method make the body easily absorb the substance.  On the other hand, drinking salvia can cause peeling and pain in the mouth.  This is due to the manner of taking the drink that you have to hold it inside your mouth for a long time, thus burning the tongue.  What’s good about this method is that you can have the exact amount you want.

In smoking Salvia Divinorum, you place some leaves right into a pipe and then smoke it as if you were smoking cigarettes.  Smoking Salvia produces two varying effects on people.  You will feel the main effects of Salvia quickly. First, you will sense like you are in another world, where you stand totally lost, or perhaps a lighter feeling.  The most intense “high” will be achieved within a minute and will last for 2-5 minutes and eventually subside.  Individuals who’ve smoked considerable amounts or have taken highly potent salvia have pragmatic occasions where they’ve spoken to individuals as though these were foreign objects, or feel like time itself has stood still.

Chewing the leaves has kept on in modern use. Nevertheless, salvia is generally observed as inactive when orally consumed, as it is in fact deactivated through the intestinal system. As a result, in what’s believed as a modern-day innovation, the leaves is locked in the mouth as long as you possibly can to be able to assist absorption from the active substances with the saliva. Chewing consumes a lot of plant than smoking, and creates a longer-lasting experience.

If you want to have a fantastic divine experience and think you can deal with your self being out of control, then go ahead and try some Salvia Divinorum.  It is affordable, legal in many areas, and it is not addictive-making the experience without any downside.  Salvia leaves and  extract can be purchased easily from reliable sources online.

Diviners’ Sage: Herb of Healing and Divination

Salvia Divinorum is a genus of Sage which is a member of the Lamiaceae family of plants (originally called Labiatae).  It also includes some common herbs as oregano, thyme and basil and many other ornamentals. Since Sages are part of the mint family, Salvia Divinorum is sometimes called as a mint or Mexican Mint due to its Mexican origin.

For ages mainly of the world’s civilizations have make the most of a variety of herbs to assist a divine connection. By tradition Salvia Divinorum is mainly used to initiate and facilitate shamanic practice by Mazatec Indians of the Sierra Mazateca region of Oaxaca, Mexico. They call it by a number of names, most commonly ‘Ska Maria Pastora’ or ‘leaves of the Virgin Mary, the Shepherdess’. Aside from being used as a tool for divination like finding lost objects, Salvia Divinorum is also used in healing rituals and for treating common ailments such as headaches, migraines, stomach upsets, constipation, diarrhea, colds, sore throats.

Interpreted, the biological name of Salvia Divinorum is “Sage of the Diviners” or “Diviners’ Sage” which is the literal term of method implied on how the Mazatec Indians of the Northern Mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico have utilized it for hundreds of years because of its ability to supply an experience which has been illustrated as a divine state of consciousness.

From the studies that have been done on Salvia Divinorum, it was found to have incredible benefit in the aid of many health problems.  Also, it is used to effectively lessen depression. A lot of other medical possibilities lay unexplored up till now.  Pharmaceutical companies are trying to produce a non-hallucinogenic version of Salvanorin A that contain psychotherapeutic compounds which could treat disorders portrayed by perceptual distortions such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, dementia and bipolar disorders. It is revealed that Salvia Divinorum is the sole source of Salvinorin A  which is also the only diterpenoid compound known to act at the kappa opioid receptors of the brain and possibly propose hope for use as an anaesthetic especially for those usually allergic to existing medicines.

Although the information related to Salvia – the legal hallucinogen is quiet constrained but this doesn’t stop people to venture the drug and taste its pleasures.

Buy Salvia Divinorum Legally Online

The easiest way to buy Salvia Divinorum is online, whether you are looking to purchase wholesale salvia or smaller amounts. Some people think that Diviner’s Sage is legal weed, but it’s entirely different. It’s not something you would get addicted to, and you only want to try it once in a while to get visions. Some people do use legal salvia in a tea, for a more mellow effect. The Salvinorin- A in salvia leaves has been medically proven to cure depression and anxiety when used in this fashion.

Buy Salvia Divinorum

To the extent of our knowledge, Salvia has not been around our Western culture for too long, so there haven’t been any long-term studies on its effects. It is legal to a degree. U.S. states have slowly passed bills to ban it from being bought and sold, and a few countries have already banned it. Of course this is without proper research being conducted on the plant, and with a lot of here say.

Some people will argue that the Mazatec Indians have been using it for hundreds of years and they seem fine but we haven’t studied the Indians themselves to really know how it has affected them. They also consume the plant differently then most Westerners do. They chew it and make teas out of it, which gives them longer lasting experiences (up to 2 hours.) Westerners typically smoke it. Studies haven’t been conducted to test whether Salvia smoke is carcinogenic or not. But we know that smoking anything is bad for our health.

Buy Salvia

It has become easier to buy salvia divinorum legally online, because there are multiple headshops online or even just places to buy salvia that offer legal highs at good prices. The tricky part is making sure that salvia is still legal in your state. Some sites have good lists of all the states that salvia is illegal in currently, some don’t update their information often enough. You can learn a lot of things from educative web sites about salvia information, before you try it. We will keep this updated as we hear things, so you will have knowledge of what your states legal status of salvia is.

Senate Bill 38 tried to ban in 2007 which didn’t pass. SB 52 would add Salvia divinorum to Schedule IIA.


Effective Jan 1 2009, sale of Salvia divinorum or salvinorin A to anyone under the age of 18 will be a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment of up to 6 months or a $1,000 fine.


SB259 (”Brett’s Law”) was signed on May 2, 2006, adding Salvia divinorum to schedule I of the Delaware state controlled substances law. However to be more specific Salvinorin A is not covered by this law.


Salvia divinorum and salvinorin A have been added to Florida’s list of Schedule I controlled substances, making them illegal to possess, buy, or sell. The law exempts from control any drug product containing Salvia divinorum or salvinorin A that has been approved by the FDA.

Senate Bill 295 outlawed salvinorin A and the growth of Salvia divinorum “other than for esthetic, landscaping, or decorative purposes”. Violations of this law would be a misdemeanor.


Effective Jan 1, 2008, Salvia divinorum (including any plant part, extraction, or preperation) is included in the Illinois Controlled Substances Act list of Schedule I substances, making it illegal to possess or sell.


SB 226 proposing to add Salvia divinorum and salvinorin A to the state’s list of Schedule I controlled substances. The bill would have made it a class “C” felony to “manufacture, deliver, or possess with the intent to manufacture or deliver, Salvia divinorum or salvinorin A”.


Kansas SB 481 adds Salvia divinorum to the state’s list of Schedule I controlled substances, the most restrictive category. The law restricts “all parts of the plant presently classified botanically as Salvia divinorum, whether growing or not…” and “any extract from any part of such plant, and every compound, manufacture, salts, isomers and salts of isomers [of the plant]…”, which would presumably include salvinorin A.


The Kentucky legislature is adding Salvia divinorum to Schedule I which will make it illegal to possess.


Louisiana Act No 159 makes 40 plants illegal, including S. divinorum, when intended for human consumption. The law specifically excludes the “possession, planting, cultivation, growing, or harvesting” of these plants if used “strictly for aesthetic, landscaping, or decorative purposes.”


State bill LD 66 passed, making it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase, possess, or use Salvia divinorum or salvinorin A.

Effective July 1 2008, Salvia divinorum has been added to Mississippi’s list of Schedule I controlled substances, making it illegal to buy, sell, or possess. The law does not specifically mention salvinorin A.


House Bill 633 says that Salvia divinorum and salvinorin- A become Schedule I substances. As far as Erowid mentions, Missouri was the first state in the U.S. to schedule S. divinorum or its active chemical. Violation of this law is a felony.


LB 123 would add the plant Salvia Divinorum, to the controlled substances act. This inclusion on the controlled
substances act would include all parts of this plant, any seed, derivative, mixture, extract, or salt, whether it was growing or not. This plant would be classified as a Schedule I drug under the controlled substances act.

New Jersey

Senate Bill 1867 and the identical Assembly Bill 3139 which would classify Salvia divinorum and salvinorin A as Schedule I controlled substances in the state, were submitted on Apr 6, 2006. As of May 2, 2007, neither bill has been subject to a vote, and both are probably dead.

New York

Several bills have been proposed starting in the mid 2000s to control or prohibit the sale of Salvia divinorum and related products. See New York State Assembly Bill Search. Several bills to control Salvia divinorum or salvinorin have failed to pass in New York State in the last few years.

North Carolina (NC)

A law banning the manufacture, sale, delivery, or possession of Salvia divinorum and Salvinorin A was passed. A violation of the law is punished as an infraction for the first two covictions (ticket-type crime with minimum $25 fine) and as a Class 3 misdemeanor after that. The law includes two exceptions by which one can legally possess, plant, cultivate, grow, or harvest S. divinorum, one for “medical or pharmacological research” and one for “aesthetic, landscaping, or decorative purposes”.

North Dakota

Senate Bill 2317 was signed into law, adding Salvia divinorum and salvinorin A to the state’s list of Schedule I controlled substances.


Salvia divinorum is now controlled in Ohio. See codes.ohio.gov/orc/3719.41 and Independent Collegian.


Salvia and salvinorin A are listed in the state’s Schedule I controlled substances . Possession is now a felony offense punishable by up to 10 years in jail, and the distribution of salvia is punishable by 5 years to life in prison.


House bill 2494 was entered into the house. If passed the bill will criminalize salvinorin A and Salvia divinorum:

Creates crime of unlawful possession of salvinorin A or Salvia divinorum. Punishes by maximum of one year’s imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both. Creates crime of unlawful manufacture or delivery of salvinorin A or Salvia divinorum. Punishes by maximum of 20 years imprisonment, $375,000 fine, or both. Requires State Board of Pharmacy to classify salvinorin A or Salvia divinorum as Schedule I controlled substance.


Senate Bill 710 was introduced which would add Salvia divinorum to the state’s list of Schedule I controlled substances. The bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee, and is currently in limbo. Please write your state representatives expressing that you are against this bill, or else it could be too late soon.

South Dakota

HB 1090 – Feb 24 2009 : An act to prohibit the possession of Salvia divinorum and make it a class 1 misdemeanor to possess up to two ounces of Salvia divinorum and a Class 6 felony to possess more than two ounces.


Tennessee has made it a class A misdemeanor to “knowingly produce, manufacture, distribute, possess or possess with intent to produce, manufacture, or distribute the active chemical ingredient in the hallucinogenic plant Salvia divinorum A”, along with the strangely-worded caveat that this prohibition does not apply to “the possession, planting, cultivation, growing, or harvesting of such hallucinogenic plant strictly for aesthetic, landscaping, or decorative purposes.”


There was an introduction of three bills to control Salvia divinorum in the state of Texas. So far they all have failed, and but that doesnt mean it won’t be introduced again the next legislative session. It’s best to write your representatives and give them your opinion before it’s too late. These bills are HB3784 , HB 2347, and HB 1796 .


House Bill 190 was introduced but did not pass. The bill would have added Salvia divinorum and salvinorin A to the state’s list of controlled substances.


Salvinorin A will be included in Virginia’s list of Schedule I substances and will be illegal to buy, sell, or possess without a license. The law doesnt mention Salvia divinorum, which will presumably be illegal by extension.


WI AB 477, would have made salvinorum A illegal to manufacture, possess, or deliver. The bill died in March 2008 . No new bills are in process in the state.


HB 0049 was introduced in 2006, and died without coming to a vote.

The other countries that have made Salvia illegal or place restrictions on it:
Denmark, Austrailia, Germany, Russia, Japan, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, south Korea, Sweden

In Finland, Iceland, Norway and Estonia you can only get this scheduled plant with a prescription.

How to Buy Salvia Divinorium

Salvia Divinorum is an extremely powerful psychoactive herb. The demand graph of this herb has always been rising up but what people are not aware of is how to purchase Salvia Divinorum. When the question arises, how to purchase Salvia Divinorum, they generally get confused. The answer to this question is the best method is by obtaining proper knowledge. One should be aware about the legalities involved in purchasing of Salvia as it is considered illegal in certain countries. Moreover, how the herb is going to be used is another important factor to be considered before Salvia is bought. It is generally used for smoking, swallowing &chewing and vaporizing. So how to purchase Salvia Divinorum majorly depends on how it is going to be used. Keeping in mind the above mentioned factors, one should choose the right Salvia seller. It is very important to do proper research and compare different sellers. One should consider company’s reputation, history, delivery speed and customer service. One should also check the extraction process of Salvia as standard process of Salvia extraction is quiet expensive as no chemicals are used in this case. If the process of extraction is not consistent and crude, then the final product may contain containments like waxes, oils and tar. Besides, crude extractions often include different types of solvents which stay in the final product and harm the health. Therefore, it is very important to examine the extraction process while purchasing Salvia Divinorum. Thereby, if someone follows the suggestions mentioned here, then it would be easier for him to purchase Salvia Divinorum.

Buy Salvia to Better Yourself for the Impending 2012 Shift.

There is no better time than now to buy Salvia now that 2012 is getting closer.  The predictions of the great Aztec peoples are relatively near and many people are trying to find their place in this coming shift by seeking enlightenment.

Seeking enlightenment is not something that is new:

Though it is not a new notion to travel the paths to enlightenment, it is gaining a far greater examination by a larger portion of the populace.  Many people believe that all the Aztecs meant in their predictions was that more people would be seeking spiritual enlightenment then ever before.  While others feel that there was more to the Aztec’s forethoughts than simply more seekers.

There is no sure way to definitively proclaim what the Aztec’s 2012 predictions mean for mankind, but one thing for certain.  No matter what happens those that gain enlightenment now are bettering themselves spiritually.  This is probably why more people today buy Salvia than ever before.

You will need to do more than just going to buy Salvia:

Those that buy Salvia thinking that it will be a magic bullet to gain true spiritual enlightenment might be a little disappointed to find out that they will also need to work on enlightenment.  Enlightenment usually doesn’t just happen.  True enlightenment also requires other types of spiritual practices.

One simple practice that anyone just starting out on their spiritual path can do is to simply meditate or begin some other type spiritual and physical practice like yoga.  This is the first thing I tell anyone who asks me how they can add more connectedness with our world to their life.

Many of the greatest spiritual teachers spent hours upon hours meditating and studying various types of spiritual workings.  Though many of them had great success just doing these simple workings, many people today need a little help breaking down the barriers in our minds that we have built up for generations.  This is where I would advise them to buy Salvia and add it to their workings.

The Aztec shamans also had barriers to get past:

The Aztec also knew that it could be difficult to breakdown these barriers which is why they readily used Salvia when they were first learning how to reach the spirit realms.  Salvia has an innate connection with this world and the spirit realm and can help the seeker learn how to travel between the two.

Buy Salvia to shine a light on your path to the spirit realm:

If you have been trying to open up your mind to the spirit realm, or want to, and feel that you have barriers that seem to obfuscate your way, it might be time to buy Salvia to combine with your other practices.  Salvia just might be the best way for you to clearly see your enlightened path for the coming changes that 2012 will usher in.

Buy Salvia and Other Herbs to Gain Control of Your Spirit Workings

Whether you buy Salvia to have out of body experience or as a way to enter the astral plane and commune with the spirits, there are other mystical herbs that you can combine with it to enhance the effects.  One such herb is known as The Leaf of God or Calea Zacatechichi by its scientific name.

Like many types of herbs that spiritual seekers have used over the years, Calea Zacatechichi has been said to help those that ingest it open their mind to other dimensions.  Calea Zacatechichi particularly has been said to aid the seeker in understanding their dreams with greater depth.

A short background of Calea Zacatechichi:

The indigenous Chontal medicine men of Mexico used to use Calea Zacatechichi as a way to gain clarity of the senses.  If they needed to consult the dream world to divine the cause or location of someone they would take a bit of this herb and dream the answers they were seeking.  These medicine men would also use Calea Zacatechichi as a way to divine the cause or location of illnesses affecting those in their tribe.

The effects of Salvia and Calea Zacatechichi are immeasurable and legal:

When added to your spiritual working with Salvia the experience can sometimes be much clearer.  This added clarity can usually help the seeker to better control their out of body experience.  Where Salvia has been known to help the seeker separate their mind from their body, the Leaf of God can help you focus your intent during your working.

Both Salvia and Calea Zacatechichi are legal in most countries and neither of these spiritual herbs contains nicotine, nor are they habit forming.  Simply put, these special herbs together are an easy way to expand your spiritual workings without the side effects associated with other types of herbs that are regulated.

A simple exercise to buy Salvia and the Leaf of God:

One fun exercise that anyone can do to fully understand the magical effects associated with Salvia and Calea Zacatechichi is to add them to your divination workings.  Start with a small amount of both herbs and a deck of Tarot cards.

Do a Tarot reading just like you would normally after the Salvia and Calea Zacatechichi have started to take effect.  Meditate on the cards for as long as you feel you need to and then go to bed as you would normally do.

Most people that do this simple exercise will have powerful dreams that can help them understand the results of the reading far more than they ever thought possible. This just might be the best way to understand your place in this world and how the cards could lead you on your life’s path.  Luckily you can buy Salvia with Calea Zacatechichi together at Salvia Dragon and start your exercise in just a few days.

Buy Salvia And Shine A Spiritual Spotlight On Your Reading

Combining various spiritual practices with herbs is not new, but you should buy Salvia and see just how different your workings can be.  Even simple practices, like tarot workings, can be dramatically enhanced by adding Salvia.

I never thought about trying Salvia as a way to gain better understanding from my tarot readings, though I have to say, that this mystical Aztec herb allowed me to separate my lust of result from my reading.  I was able to understand exactly what the cards were trying to tell me, with no preconceived notions to pollute the reading.

Salvia added the spirit guide I believe I was always missing:

It was as if some force on the astral plane was drawing the cards and the spirits of the universe whispered in my ear what it all meant.  I was able to see past what some would say are the bad the cards or the good cards, and see just how they related to my life.  I gained clearer understand as to which paths I should take and was completely free from judging any of the readings personally.

Was this how the Aztec learned so much about the future?

This might be how the Aztec shamans were able to gain such profound insight in to the future of humankind.  Was there some type of diviner’s cards used by the Aztecs to predict the future?  No one knows, but I do know for certain that I experienced clear visions into my life’s path.

Combining Salvia and other tools:

Now there might be other great divination tools to use with Salvia and that is why I am going to buy Salvia again, so that I can see which tools might work better.  My next working is going to be with the I Ching and then I think it might be time to try Runes.

What I am most curious about, is whether there will be different spirits that will come forward to help me with my reading.  If I am using Chinese tools will the spirits that assist me be Asian?

I hope that these workings will help to get a perspective from different spirit realms to see if the 2012 predictions stretch across all belief systems.  If so, then we should really start to prepare for the predicted shift that the Aztec detailed generations ago.

There is no better way to see for yourself, buy Salvia and stop wondering:

If you want to expand your reading to other types of spiritual workings, you should buy Salvia and see if this powerful spiritual herb can help you get the answers you seek.  With just a few clicks, Salvia Dragon can send you the best Salvia for your spiritual workings.

Illegalization of Salvia is a Waste of

Taxpayers’ Time and Money

The recent government focus on the effects of salvia appears to be a distraction from the more important drug issues plaguing the country. Like marijuana, salvia has been used medicinally for centuries; it has also played a key role in native Mexican religious ceremonies. The illegalization of salvia will effectively banish one of the few remaining cultural aspects of a once-powerful people. Naturally, there are some comparisons to be drawn between salvia and the medicinal drug that is now at the forefront of a renewed controversy over government involvement: marijuana. Marijuana has proven to be a powerful remedy for people suffering from chronic pain, and despite a reputation as a “gateway drug”, there is little evidence to pin the expansion of hard drugs into daily society on this mild herb. Similarly, salvia has few, if any, negative long-term effects and a potential to ease hard drug addictions and severe neurological diseases. Perhaps the government should be spending less time attempting to regulate salvia and more time trying to solve the issues of mass heroin addiction in the cities and dangerous cocaine cartels that sell their product in America with no thought for the consequences. The illegalization of marijuana has been widely recognized as a huge missed opportunity for the government to use taxation to increase capital. Additionally, from a social standpoint salvia should be the least of the federal government’s worries. It seems most likely that this new focus on salvia is a political move, engineered to divert the attention of citizens away from the tougher problems that are more expensive and more difficult for the government to fix. There is little money in salvia distribution, compared to cocaine or heroin, and therefore fewer political opponents if the US government wants to make a big statement on drugs by closing down the industry. Buy salvia, and enjoy the opportunity to have a unique, ancient, spiritual experience while you can – because if the government wants to make salvia illegal to set an example or to give a false impression of a drug-free America, that last cultural vestige of the Native Americans that once wandered the Southwest will be gone forever.

Buy Salvia, Coreopsis, and Palms As They Take Center Stage!

This weekend native plants will be strutting their stuff at the native plant sales. These native Florida plants will be available today through Sunday at Tropiflora Nursery. An additional showing is schedule for Saturday at the Manatee County Fairground.

These bright and bursting natives, including salvia divinorum, an assortment of palms, and other native plants will are hoping to see a big crowd taking them hope. Grown without the artificial fertilizers, these native plants are ecologically healthy and provide a more natural healthy habitat for local wildlife. In addition these native plants use much less water than non natives. Local residents have been experimenting with native plants to help keep local bodies of water ecologically healthy in addition to being a beautiful addition to the landscaping. The natives absorb nutrients before they can reach local water supplies, thus creating a cleaner more pure water source. These colorful natives also act as a barrier for cuttings so that they are not entering our water supply.

Proponents of Salvia and other natives hope to see a huge turnout and vast numbers of local native plant sales, fueled in part by Lakewood Ranch communities already using and showing pleasing results with native Salvia and the like.