‘Les Metheurs’, a popular cafe on Montreal’s Mount Royal Avenue, is being forced to shut down after almost 9 months of selling hallucinogenic drugs to its customers. The cafe, says owner-operator Mathew Lipscomb, was attracting a clientele that included people who wanted to to smoke Salvia. The establishment also sold a type of tea that makes those drinking it feel inordinately happy. LesMetheurs is a popular haunt of those wishing to relax and explore their spiritual side with like-minded individuals; the building’s owner was not one of those like-minded individuals, it seems.

Licomb was recently taken to court by the building’s owner in an attempt to force him to stop selling Salvia. The case, Licomb claims, cost him a lot of money and is one reason that the business has to close. The last Salvia sale will be on August the 23rd — the last day of trading LesMetheurs and the last time the 30-seat cafe will cater to the chilled out individuals that had grown to love it.

Other reasons for the forced closure include the changes in the Quebec legislation surrounding tobacco and smoking indoors, and also the problems thatLipcomb experienced in getting reasonably priced insurance for the business.

All this despite the two ‘drugs’ that Les Metheurs had gained a reputation for providing are not in any way illegal in Canada.

It is a sad time when legitimate entrepreneurs like Lipcomb are being forced to give up their businesses in favor of high-minded pettiness by others around them. The building’s owner was likely in the group of people that did not understand Salvia and its effects. When people here of a ‘hallucinogenic drug’ their minds jump pretty much straight away to much stronger — and probably much more dangerous — substances like LSD. Comparisons to (usually illegal) Marijuana are also common because Salvia is usually ingested by smoking. For the record: Salvia is unlike either LSD or Marijuana.