Salvia is an exciting substance in many ways. Not only is it exciting to those that enjoy taking it and experiencing the highs it can give, but also those who want to find out more about this mysterious plant.

Despite being around for many years – and being used as an hallucinogenic drug for this time, too – there is still very little known about it, about how it affects the human brain and, most importantly, the short and long term effects of the drug on the human body and mind. For the moment scientists are scrambling to research Salvia Divinorum because, in a fit of irrational fear and misunderstanding, lawmakers are looking to ban Salvia from the US. When this happens future research plans will largely be moot and we will never be any wiser about the plant or about its potential benefits.

I talk of potential benefits and it might sound like fancy talk from someone who has taken the drug and enjoyed it. It is not just fancy talk: scientists are genuinely hopeful that they will learn something from Salvia that can help in their research of mental illness and disease. It would be sad to see that kind of opportunity shelved.