There are many clients available for the downloading of music files, but Ares download software is a P2P network specifically designed to handle music files. It is fast, reliable and most importantly private. With the advent of P2P the media industry has stepped up its campaign of punishing users of this kind of network. Many of the big names of the early days, such as Napster had to cave into the pressure and offer subscription services and pay revenues to the Media industry. Ares is an open source programme meaning that there is no big corporate structure for the MPAA to target, its users form an online community which shares and shares alike. The fact that it is also a decentralised program means that it is immune to many of the traffic firewalls and snooping software used by ISP companies to target users for legal action.

An Ares download is one of the best ways to share music files and will continue to grow and develop itself in a way which means that it can never be curtailed like Napster was, and it offers more safety and better download speeds than many of its rivals. The best thing about using Ares downloads is that you know your identity is safe from the MPAA.