This weekend native plants will be strutting their stuff at the native plant sales. These native Florida plants will be available today through Sunday at Tropiflora Nursery. An additional showing is schedule for Saturday at the Manatee County Fairground.

These bright and bursting natives, including salvia divinorum, an assortment of palms, and other native plants will are hoping to see a big crowd taking them hope. Grown without the artificial fertilizers, these native plants are ecologically healthy and provide a more natural healthy habitat for local wildlife. In addition these native plants use much less water than non natives. Local residents have been experimenting with native plants to help keep local bodies of water ecologically healthy in addition to being a beautiful addition to the landscaping. The natives absorb nutrients before they can reach local water supplies, thus creating a cleaner more pure water source. These colorful natives also act as a barrier for cuttings so that they are not entering our water supply.

Proponents of Salvia and other natives hope to see a huge turnout and vast numbers of local native plant sales, fueled in part by Lakewood Ranch communities already using and showing pleasing results with native Salvia and the like.