Combining various spiritual practices with herbs is not new, but you should buy Salvia and see just how different your workings can be.  Even simple practices, like tarot workings, can be dramatically enhanced by adding Salvia.

I never thought about trying Salvia as a way to gain better understanding from my tarot readings, though I have to say, that this mystical Aztec herb allowed me to separate my lust of result from my reading.  I was able to understand exactly what the cards were trying to tell me, with no preconceived notions to pollute the reading.

Salvia added the spirit guide I believe I was always missing:

It was as if some force on the astral plane was drawing the cards and the spirits of the universe whispered in my ear what it all meant.  I was able to see past what some would say are the bad the cards or the good cards, and see just how they related to my life.  I gained clearer understand as to which paths I should take and was completely free from judging any of the readings personally.

Was this how the Aztec learned so much about the future?

This might be how the Aztec shamans were able to gain such profound insight in to the future of humankind.  Was there some type of diviner’s cards used by the Aztecs to predict the future?  No one knows, but I do know for certain that I experienced clear visions into my life’s path.

Combining Salvia and other tools:

Now there might be other great divination tools to use with Salvia and that is why I am going to buy Salvia again, so that I can see which tools might work better.  My next working is going to be with the I Ching and then I think it might be time to try Runes.

What I am most curious about, is whether there will be different spirits that will come forward to help me with my reading.  If I am using Chinese tools will the spirits that assist me be Asian?

I hope that these workings will help to get a perspective from different spirit realms to see if the 2012 predictions stretch across all belief systems.  If so, then we should really start to prepare for the predicted shift that the Aztec detailed generations ago.

There is no better way to see for yourself, buy Salvia and stop wondering:

If you want to expand your reading to other types of spiritual workings, you should buy Salvia and see if this powerful spiritual herb can help you get the answers you seek.  With just a few clicks, Salvia Dragon can send you the best Salvia for your spiritual workings.