In the second on this occasional series on public books about – or containing information on – Salvia Divinorum, I present a very dark and very well written book called “Peopled Darkness: Perceptual Transformation through Salvia Divinorum”. If you’re interested in the spiritual effects and benefits felt by those who use Salvia, then this is definitely the book for you. More of a scientific study than something to help you try and experiment with or grow Salvia, it is written in an engaging way and will inform and enlighten in equal measure.

The book is amongst the best of its genre, and definitely ranks amongst Aldous Huxley’s “The Doors of Perception” and D. M. Turner’s “Salvinorin”. If that’s not a reason to read it then I don’t know what is.

What is the ‘real world’ that we think we live in? What are all our standard perceptions and accepted norms based upon? Peopled Darkness: Perceptual Transformation through Salvia Divinorum tries to answer these questions.

The book follows James Arthur as he experiments with Salvia Divinorum over a two year period. This experimentation, Arthur tells us, changed his entire perception on the world. James Arthur describes how he repeatedly turned to an inner landscape where he attained a state of “thoughtless awareness” and began to use – and understand – a language that articulated precisely his innermost thoughts.

These experiences led the author to a profound re-assessment of the foundations of our accepted wisdom and perceptions. It changed his view on life itself.

The book has received nothing other than 5 stars in the user reviews on Amazon, indicating a strong showing from Mr. Arthur’s docu-book. The writing is engaging, flowing and free from speculation, as one reviewer puts it. One review refers to this book a: J.D. “a milestone in the literature of experimentation with naturally-occuring psychoactive substances”. high praise for which this book is undoubtedly worthy.