Salvia divinorum has gained popularity in recent years in the western culture because of its hallucinogenic effect and this is the reason why salvia divinorum is not universally accepted. There have been steps to ban this drug as quickly because of its side effects. However controversy has always been attached to this drug because of the different ways in which it is used or consumed and the experience of different people too. It is seen that the salvia sale has increased a lot in recent past and this is the question of panic among concerned people so that its effects are not used for drug and seduction purposes. The increase in the sale shows that the use or consumption is increasing day by day and this is an alarming stage as well.

The drug is not lawfully banned but there are different videos on YouTube that depict people behaving in strange and sluggish manner after consuming the drug. Opinions and arguments of most people are against the drug and people are concerned about debarring the drug so that they can save their children from getting addicted to it. It has been observed that driving or operating heavy machines after taking salvia is very dangerous for the person. This shows that its effects are more or less like other drugs. However there are many people who are unaware of this drug and most of them have not even heard the name.