Salvia divinorum has been always in contradictory issues. This is mainly because this herb is hallucinogenic and its use can be traced back quite a long time in history. Some of the places and states are discussing on the ban of this herb. Ocean City in fact passed urgent situation legislation so that the sale and possession of salvia is banned at least within the limits of their resort. They asked for its effectiveness from that very moment. The police chief of Ocean City is taking the campaign door to door so that she and her officers can check out if any stock of the herb is present as also other smoking devices related to it. The resort owners of that area are being notified by the police and the action is expected immediately.

Those people that are caught with the controversial herb, salvia divinorum will be punished whether he or she is a clerk, business owner, store manager or landlord. The punishment can be $1,000 as a fine amount or six months of imprisonment or both depending upon the charge. People are relieved from this news, as there has been immense increase in the consumption of this drug in recent years. Parents are concerned about the health of their young children. When a person consumes this herb, he is not able to drive or talk properly. In fact the senses are perturbed and they behave abnormally feel hallucinated.