Up until a few years ago I was a fairly regular Salvia user. You could say I got into Salvia before it was popularised by politicians, lawmakers and media outlets worldwide. I stopped using Salvia when I first met the lady that has now become my wife. She didn’t force me into stopping, but it was just the right thing to do at the time.

With the recent flurry of activity my attention has been returned to Salvia and the true benefits it gave my life.I one server to Salvia made me a better person, nor is it may be better my job, a better lover, more intelligent or more interesting; what it did do was provide me with insight into everyday things that I would have otherwise had to go without. And indeed I have been going without for the last few years.

With my attention turned back to the benefits of Salvia, it was only a matter of time before I got back on the wagon. My use now isn’t anywhere near as heavy as it was in those previous halcyon days, but I’m still enjoying the freedom of Salvia gives my mind.

My wife was a bit dubious to start with, but when she realised that Salvia wasn’t turning me into a monster, nor is it was making me spend less time with her, she soon came around to the idea. I’m working on getting her to try it now!

The thought of politicians banning Salvia is, to me at least, just ridiculous. Where does the government, politicians, and the lawmakers of this country get the idea that they can tell me what recreational hobbies I can partake in? Salvia is not dangerous, it will not affect my health, and I can see how it is a public nuisance. If I want to use Salvia to expand my horizons then why the hell shouldn’t I be able to do so?

This political posturing drives me crazy.