Three persons in Pennsylvania were arrested for an offense. The offense was the possession of Salvia divinorum. These men were arrested for having this drug in their cigarettes as its illegal.

There were a chain of events that led to this result. According to the police, a theft was reported in Sea Esta IV Motel. As a result Saturday officers came at the time of theft. The theft was reported at 3.30 p.m.

The reporting was done by a person in the adjacent room. He reported to the police that the door in the adjacent room was kicked. He also told them that there were three men inside the room.

According to the police, there were pieces of door at the location. The police were helped by the Resort Patrol Security. According to the police, the pieces of door were scattered on the ground.

The police arrived at the spot and tried to open the door by knocking the door. They immediately noticed some suspicious activity in the room. The persons in the room were trying to hide something.

According to the police, a person tried to smash the cigarette on the carpet. The cigarette was tested and was found to contain Salvia divinorum. The possession of this is not legal in Delaware. They also found a pipe of water made of glass to contain salvia.

All the three men were arrested on the ground of possession of a banned drug. The suspects were released on summons to appear in court.