Ares Peer to Peer network has grown exponentially in the recent years. Millions of users have joined and actively taken part on the platform. And as a user of Ares network, I myself don’t see a single reason not to do so. Whatever your interests are, whether you are a music lover or a movie fan, or simply a regular Internet user trying to download an important application, you will always find everything on the network. The Ares network works by the mutual sharing of files from the registered users. But recently various clients or applications required to get connected to Ares network started having some sort problems. And consequently users just got pissed off. But the fear of losing a great network just kept them haunted!

But my friend these days are going to end now. No more waiting for connections. Yes, I have a found the solution to our problems. And it’s AresConnect. Luckily I found it on one forum and tried it at once. And I was astonished with the results. AresConnect is not a new client for the Ares network. Instead it just works as a patch up for the old connection files of your existing version of Ares application. The moment you start the application you are connected. Yes, believe me; really, hats off to the developer team at AresConnect. And guess what, this little utility AresConnect supports all versions of existing Ares clients. So you do not need to change anything. AresConnect is really a great relief to all Ares users.