Another of my friends decided that they would try Salvia with me. After the success of the last ‘introduction’ I decided I would up the strength of the dose that me and my buddy were trying. I went for 30x strenght. This kind of concentration is fine when you know what you’re doing (and, more importantly, what to expect), but in retrospect it was a bit much for the someone who had never tried it before now. I feel a little guilty. Fortunately I had a good idea of what to do when someone was having a bad trip, and it didn’t work out too badly.

Anyway, suffice to say we all came out of the experience a little more knowledgable, and nobody bears anyone else any hard feelings.

What was interesting was the report of the ‘bad trip’ that my friend experienced. She told me that she felt like she was in some kind of cartoon. That everything around the room appeared in vivid technicolour but looked like they belonged in some kind of animated series. The movements, apparently, looked like the animation wasn’t particularly good.

The only recoginsable elements within this animated scene were the people that were with the subject when she started on her trip: me and another friend. Everything else seemed surreal and, if the truth be told, a little difficult to comprehend.

Fortunately a Salvia trip doesn’t last very long at all: my friend was back to normal in a few minutes.

I think I’ve convinced my buddy that this one was a bad trip and that when she tries it again things will be much better. I think she’s believed me and I hope I haven’t put her off for good!

Salvia is a great drug and it is relatively safe, but it does need to be treated with respect. That’s one thing I forgot, to my detriment.