I am what could — in modern parlance — be called a ‘modern artist’. I make artworks that are creative, original, and occasionally slightly odd. Not many people can agree on whether they like my work or not, but that is the whole point of my art. I am creating my works to be discussed not to appear in some book as a ‘classic work’, nor to win any arbitrary prizes.

In being a little bit odd in my work, I am always looking for some way to get inspiration. Occasionally this inspiration comes from everyday situations and scenes, sometimes it will come out of books or films; just occasionally I fire up my salvia pipe, take a big gulp of smoke, and get some psychedelic inspiration from Sally herself.

The thing that I like so much about salvia, and the reason it works so well as an inspirational tool, is that every single trip is completely different. I never know what I’m going to experience from one time to the next. Occasionally I might remember things that I thought I’d forgotten; thing from my distant past and things from recent past. Occasionally I might hear something that invokes some feelings in me, most of the time I just see normal things in a different light. This latter situation is probably what is most useful for me as an artist. I love to portray everyday objects in a completely new light. This is what makes them so challenging to those people that take the time to view them.

As an example, on a recent trip I found myself to be merging with a nearby coffee table. This gave me the inspiration to make a coffee table looked like it was made from human parts. People thought this came from warped mind, but in fact I have a healthy mind that was simply warped by Salvia.

If you want inspiration, and you’re running out of places to look, then fire up that salvia pipe.