As an avid Salvia user I really am pleased by the news that there is some possibility — however remote — that Salvia can be used for the common good. Of course I am pleased that it can have a positive effect on people but also I am hopeful that this possibility will make the US Government think again about banning Salvia as a hallucinogenic drug.

I don’t hold much by my hopes and dreams in this case, mind, but you have to dream, don’t you?
Still, the medical question is starting to gain some momentum, and people who previously were dead against Salvia‘s legal status have started to question their motives for wanting it banned. Usually these motives do not stand up to scrutiny and I predict we’ll see growing support from prominent medical, scientific and political figures in the months to come.

The banning of Salvia seems, to me, to be a pretty insane move. At best, it is a misguided and ill advised attempt to save us from ourselves, and at worst it is an attack on our civil liberties purely for the purposes of gaining an easy, opposition free vote. Salvia has been with us — and has been used as a drug — for hundreds of years. Why ban it now?