So I discussed in my last article how I find that Salvia helps me in finding inspiration for some of my artwork. In this article I’m going to try and explain some of the experiences Salvia has given me that have helped in this way. Of course it’s difficult to describe properly how one feels in a drug induced hallucination, but I’ll give it a go.

One trip, a couple of months ago, put me back into my childhood home in Oregon. This home was very much in the beautiful countryside with beautiful views on each side. I loved this place, I remember. I was running faster than I’d ever ran before and covering loads of ground between our house and the nearby stream. I jumped into the air and soared about the nearby fields and hills. I felt young again, and I felt that freedom that comes with youth. No bills to pay, no food to buy, freedom. I tried to paint this freedom as soon as I came out of the hallucination. I ended up with one of my most successful paintings yet.

Another time I didn’t teleport anywhere, but I saw people and things coming into my room. There were monsters and dragons swirling above my bed. At first I felt an intense, paralysing fear that I’d never felt the like of before. Soon I saw that these strange creatures were at worst neutral towards me and I calmed. It was this confusion, this sheer, utter terror that I successfully depicted in my painting fear and loathing in Los Angeles.

Naturally not all trips end up with me being able to paint something useful, but some — the absolutely gems — are worth their weight in gold.

Even if you are not an artist Salvia can certainly help to make you see things — and feel things — that you thought you had forgotten.