I am an artist an I’m constantly looking for ways in which to influence my art. Whether these influences come from internal sources, like emotions or experiences, or whether they come from external sources like landscapes or people, doesn’t really matter to me. They’re all valid and they can all produce some startling results! Recently I have found the wonders of Salvia though and I’ve got to say that there is a wealth of influence there!

Not only does Salvia induce some pretty drastic hallucinations, it causes me to see with great clarity things about myself that I would not otherwise have noticed. Specifically Salvia helps me to find my spiritual side quicker and more lucidly than anything I’ve ever tried: and I’ve tried my fair share of synthetic and natural drugs.

One of the best things about the Salvia trip, for me, is that it comes and goes within minutes. Not only does this mean that I can get back on with my art with some new inspiration within a few minutes, but it also means I can quite easily have a few trips a day without taking up too much time. Another great thing is that there are no after effects or side effects that cause me to want to sleep, eat, or puke. All good!

Salvia is, of course, completely legal in my state; it’s completely legal in most states, for that matter. I would like to point out that I am not in any way condoning the illegal use of Salvia (or any other drug for that matter) for inspiration in art or anything else. This is just what works for me. And I’m big enough and old enough to make my own mistakes in the world.

In Part 2 I’ll discuss some of the things about Salvia that help me make wonderful art.